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San Diego’s Yoga Crackdown Leaves Yogis Bent Out of Shape - WSJ

San Diego has turned yoga on its head—recasting instructors into outlaws, park rangers into yoga police and pushing the practice from serenity into war.

Park rangers arrived unannounced at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park on a recent day to keep instructors and students from taking their familiar pose atop the bluffs overlooking the Pacific. 

Naturally, yoga enthusiasts are bent out of shape, the good vibes disrupted by the threat of tickets and fines. 

“San Diego is the mecca of yoga, it’s the reason people move here,” said yoga instructor Kody Hetherington. “If you don’t allow people to take care of themselves in this healthy way outside, then what are people going to do?”

City officials this year revised a sidewalk-vendor ordinance, and as part of that, clarified that fitness classes, including yoga, held in public parks and beaches require proper permitting—and are restricted to certain spaces.

That led to the park rangers’ crackdown in May, and San Diego’s yoga crowd has been in warrior pose ever since. Local yogis accuse city officials of being inflexible and bending over backward to soothe affluent NIMBY homeowners who live nearby.

“Honestly, it seems like a wealthy, privileged few are trying to keep their ocean view clear of other folks,” said Amy Baack, who has been teaching yoga class at Sunset Cliffs since 2021.


James Fanelli.

The WSJ is famous for its puns and you can see why.

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White Girl Summer - Peachy Keenan's Extremely Domestic

“White Boy Summer” is back as the meme of the moment, which means nature is healing. No, it’s not a call for racial strife, so please relax. It’s just wholesome, funny internet shorthand for a return to sunny American optimism, vitalism, and yes, youthful and appealing heterosexual aesthetics. Think of it as the antidote to the poisonous, aesthetically hideous “gay race Communism” that has been the go-to media imagery since 2020, and even earlier. Obese models, forced and awkward anti-white diversity, and literally trans everything.

This month, Pride Month happened but you almost had to look closely to see it in some places! It was noticeably quieter. White Boy Summer is synecdoche for cultural victory—and everywhere it looks like maybe we are … going to win.

The first full week of summer break is over, and I did not do any of the things I always mean to do: wash and put away all the school uniforms, organize all the closets, and clean out every drawer. Summer just hit us like a wall and I was just trying to keep up with the sudden pile of wet swim suits and the three-meal-a-day slog of having five kids in the house all day.

But I was buoyed all week by the steady drumbeat of wins for our side.


White boy summer. What a concept.

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The Influencer Is a Young Teenage Girl. The Audience Is 92% Adult Men. - WSJ

“It wasn’t like I was trying to push her to be a star, but part of me thought it was inevitable, that it could happen someday,” the mom said. “She just has that personality.”

The mom was torn. To reach the influencer stratosphere, the account would need a lot more followers—and she would have to be less discriminating about who they were. Instagram promotes content based on engagement, and the male accounts she had been blocking tend to engage aggressively, lingering on photos and videos and boosting them with likes or comments. Running them off, or broadly disabling comments, would likely doom her daughter’s influencer aspirations.

That was a reason to say no. There were also reasons to say yes. The mom felt the account had brought her closer with her daughter, and even second- and third-tier influencers can make tens of thousands of dollars a year or more. The money could help pay for college, the mom thought.

The mom said yes. And with that, she grew to accept a grim reality: Being a young influencer on Instagram means building an audience including large numbers of men who take sexual interest in children.

“It’s not that I liked it, ever. Ever. It just is what it is,” the mom said. At times, she’s questioned her decision to keep the account going. The account dashboard had recently put the number of male followers at 92%. At one point, she offered Instagram subscriptions to users willing to pay a monthly fee for extra photos and videos. Many of them were also men.


Where's the Dad?

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The Big Loser in Tesla’s Shareholder Vote Is Delaware - WSJ

Tesla’s TSLA -2.44%decrease; red down pointing triangle reincorporation in Texas is about much more than saving the electric-car juggernaut $250,000 a year in state fees. It is an attempt by Elon Musk to loosen Delaware’s grip on American corporations. 

About two-thirds of S&P 500 companies—regardless of where they are actually based—are incorporated in Delaware, largely because the tiny state has specialized courts that handle business matters and stacks of legal precedents for addressing such disputes.

Musk asked shareholders to approve the move after the Tesla chief executive lost a case in a Delaware court over his pay package, recently valued at about $46 billion. Shareholders on Thursday re-approved the package as well as the plan to reincorporate in Texas, where Tesla has its headquarters and some of its manufacturing facilities. The company filed paperwork to implement the change the same day.

By voting to leave the First State, shareholders could be ratifying the view among some that Delaware’s shareholder protections have gone too far, some legal experts said. An alternative, however, is that Musk is simply so important that investors are willing to take a chance on Texas.

“I do think that Elon Musk is this singular figure,” said Renee Zaytsev, a corporate- and securities-law attorney at Boies Schiller Flexner. “Is Tesla what other companies are looking to, to decide where they’re going to incorporate or how they’re going to run their governance? Probably not.”


Theo Francis

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OpenAI STUNNING plot twist! NSA Director joins board, GPT 4 Military Use and Potential IPO


This is pretty important. Please watch.

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Republican-Led States Push to Expand Power to Curb Immigration - The New York Times

Nearly a year since Texas adopted a law empowering state and local police officers to arrest undocumented migrants who cross into its territory, Republican lawmakers in at least 11 states have tried to adopt similar measures, capitalizing on the prominence of immigration in the 2024 presidential election.

The fate of the proposals — six have been enacted or are under consideration, with Louisiana expected to sign its measure into law as early as next week — is still being litigated. In a case before a federal appeals court, Texas is defending its law by arguing that illegal immigration is a form of invasion, allowing it to expand its power to protect its borders. Federal courts have previously ruled that, from a constitutional perspective, the definition of the term invasion is limited to military attacks.

States have tested the limits of their power over immigration before, but lawyers and legal scholars said the push this year was accompanied by what had amounted to a public-relations campaign.

In campaign speeches, political ads and the halls of Congress, more Republicans are echoing former President Donald J. Trump by arguing that the rise of migration at the southern border is an “invasion.” President Biden, under pressure from both Republicans and Democrats to tackle the issues at the border, signed an executive order this month to curb asylum, and he could have more actions coming next week.


I'm thinking of driving down to Jacumba and doing some on-the-scene semi-demi-hemi-professional reporting. But I'm a bit concerned about encountering law enforcement, who probably don't like that sort of thing.

In other news, LWJ has a cousin from New Zealand who is a nun who helps human trafficking victims, and she's in San Diego. She met Jeanne's mom many years ago when her parents were visiting NZ. We're going to take her out to dinner. Maybe we'll learn something about human trafficking. She is said to be a very nice lady.

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Conservationists celebrate preservation of 1,300 acres of wilderness in East San Diego County – NBC 7 San Diego

The long dirt road weaves through Proctor Valley and connects eastern Chula Vista with the sleepy community of Jamul. On both sides of Proctor Valley Road? Nothing. Just brush, a few trees and hills.

And that’s how it’s going to stay.

“We're all here celebrating,” said a smiling Cara Lacey. “We’re just thrilled that we were able to protect this land.”

The land Lacey is referring to is 1,300 acres along Proctor Valley Road inside the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve. It was slated to become a master plan community called Adara with 1,100 homes.

“It would have been an impenetrable or almost impenetrable barrier [for wildlife]” said Lacey, who represents The Nature Conservancy.

A collaboration of local, state, federal and tribal conservationists thwarted Adara by stopping it in court. The site was then acquired and added to the reserve, which sits inside the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

Lacey was quick to agree that San Diego has a need for more housing but argued it should be smart housing.


I'm happy about this, in a NIMBY kind of way. A big chunk of semi-wilderness will stay that way, about 5 minutes from my house. I'll have wilderness on two sides! That's cool. But this means fewer houses and higher housing prices from everyone. Which does not sound very cool.

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Casting Evidence Aside | City Journal

In its recent Title IX guidance, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights redefines the 1972 law to ban discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” in federally funded education programs. In doing so, it showed willful disregard for scientific research on pediatric gender transition and for the findings of the Cass Review, a 388-page report and the most comprehensive to date on youth gender medicine.

OCR also ignored legal precedent. It said that its Title IX rule was a response to Bostock v. Clayton County, a 2020 Supreme Court decision that involved employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. OCR thus acted without regard for the vast differences between employment (which involves adults) and education (which involves primarily children). And it disregarded entirely the Bostock Court’s explicit statement that it was “proceed[ing] on the assumption that ‘sex’ . . . refer[s] only to biological distinctions between male and female” and consequently that its ruling does “not purport to address bathrooms, locker rooms, or anything else of the kind.”

The Republican response has been swift. Several red states have publicly condemned the update, and more than 20 have filed lawsuits. Much of the criticism has rightly focused on how creating “gender identity” rules will undermine women’s safety and opportunities by eliminating single-sex spaces and forcing the integration of male athletes into female sports.

The new rule effectively forces schools to facilitate so-called social transitions—recognizing trans-identifying students by their chosen “gender”—regardless of students’ age, familial circumstances, or medical and mental-health background. Schools won’t need to get parental consent; in fact, the rule effectively compels them to secure students’ consent before disclosing information about their social transition to their parents. It does so by recognizing students’ right to privacy from not just their school, but their own parents.

These new changes bring the Department of Education into conflict with the findings and recommendations of the recently published Cass Review. Immediately following the Review’s publication, Kamran Abbasi, editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal, acknowledged that the evidence base for gender medicine—“from social transition to hormone treatment”—is “threadbare.” He called the report “an opportunity to pause, recalibrate, and place evidence informed care at the heart of gender medicine.”

The Biden administration has declined that opportunity. Its new Title IX rules implicitly reject the report’s findings and further illustrate Democrats’ indifference to the rising chorus of international skepticism about pediatric gender medicine and early social transition.


Leor Sapir, Joseph Figliolia

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Look Who the EPA Is Funding Now - WSJ

The Inflation Reduction Act is the political gift that keeps on giving—especially if you’re a lobby for progressive causes. We recently told you that the Environmental Protection Agency handed IRA money to an outfit backing anti-Israel protests. Turns out EPA is also funding groups that oppose immigration enforcement.

That’s the latest discovery by West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito’s office, which is probing IRA spending. The law appropriated $3 billion for Environmental and Climate Justice block grants. EPA is supposed to select “grantmakers” and “partner” organizations to spread around the largesse.


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Top CEOs Are Flocking to Trump Again in Bid to Shape Agenda - WSJ

When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, business leaders flocked to meet with him, hoping to tone down his trade policies and populist rhetoric while encouraging his business-friendly tax and deregulation agenda.

They are flocking to meet him again. Since Trump vanquished his last major GOP primary foe, more big names from the world of finance have lined up behind him. This week, a range of chief executives listened carefully as he promised more tax cuts and hedged some of his harshest promises on immigration. 

The executives say their willingness to listen to Trump stems from frustration with President Biden, a growing realization that Trump could win and a desire to shape the Republican’s agenda before the election—rather than scrambling to do so after. Many who distanced themselves from Trump following the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol by the former president’s supporters have softened their criticisms. 


But I was told DEI and all that jazz was the future and that's where all the grant money was coming from. Well, probably still true about most of the grant money. So that tells you what all the professorilitos are going to think.

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A New Regime Is Taking Over Our Military

For most of my life, June signified the arrival of summer and opened wedding season. In recent years, a small but boisterous group of activists have claimed it as Pride Month, replacing the traditional focus with honoring an ever-changing flag that represents the worship of a postmodern Baal. As society has surrendered to this iteration of humanistic religious practice, the military complex has followed suit.

The American military that could not be defeated by global nuclear powers was conquered by a band of people dedicated to sexual disorder. Since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) in 2010, the Department of Defense (DOD) capitulated to the revolutionary cause of Pride Month with nearly the speed of Kabul’s fall to the Taliban. In doing so, it usurped the concept of selfless service to others with the celebration of self for the sexually divergent.

The Pentagon, and all branches of the military, publish internal public affairs guidance documents laying out exactly how military leaders from top to bottom are expected to celebrate LGBTQ values in speech and action. This now includes sending honor guards in full military dress to formally kick off pride parades. The American flag and military colors have long shown up in battles throughout American history. Now they wave in cultural battle—on the side of those who want the nation deconstructed.


Chase Spears

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Virginia Hasn’t Backed a Republican for President in Two Decades. Could It Flip in 2024? - WSJ

FRONT ROYAL, Va.—Whether Virginia backs Donald Trump or Joe Biden shouldn’t even be a discussion.

The state hasn’t backed a Republican for president since George W. Bush in 2004.

But early polls showing Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, cutting into the Democratic president’s lead have served as a wake-up call for Virginia Democrats, who acknowledge headwinds with voters dissatisfied with Biden’s leadership. Republicans say that if Virginia is even remotely on the table for Trump, Biden is in serious trouble in traditional battleground states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


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Friday, June 14, 2024

How Public Schools Became Ideological Boot Camps | The Free Press

A pair of teachers at New Jersey’s Fort Lee High School recently taught students that Hamas is a peaceful “resistance movement” and Israel is committing genocide. Teachers at California’s Berkeley Unified School District are “indoctrinating students with antisemitic tropes and biased, one-sided anti-Israel propaganda disguised as education,” according to a complaint by the Anti-Defamation League. Meanwhile, students recently chanted “from the river to the sea” at college campus “tentifadas—but when pressed could identify neither. 

Why does this keep happening? And how can public schools at once be hotbeds of radicalism and “woke” indoctrination, yet produce students who are so poorly informed about the radical causes they ostensibly espouse?

The answer has a lot to do with one of American education’s dirty little secrets: on any given school day in nearly every public school in the country, curriculum materials are put in front of children that have no official oversight or approval. It’s true that schools might have a state- or district-adopted curriculum, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting taught. Nearly no category of public employee has the degree of autonomy of the average public school teacher—even the least experienced ones. Teachers routinely create or cobble together their own lesson plans on the widely accepted theory that they know better than textbook publishers what books kids will enjoy reading and which topics might spark lively class discussions.

Not your child’s school or teacher? Wanna bet? A 2017 RAND Corporation survey found that 99 percent of elementary teachers and 96 percent of secondary schools use “materials I developed and/or selected myself” in teaching English language arts. The numbers are virtually the same in math. But putting teachers in charge of creating their own lesson plans or scouring the internet for curriculum materials creates an irresistible opportunity for every imaginable interest group that perceives—not incorrectly—that overworked teachers and a captive young audience equal a rich target for selling products and pushing ideologies.

This ungoverned mess is how the majority of high-profile curriculum controversies happen.


Robert Pondiscio

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Macron’s Gamble on Stopping Le Pen Now Risks Ushering Her to Power - WSJ

PARIS—President Emmanuel Macron has always aspired to become one of the great men of history, saving Europe from the fires of populism and setting its economy on course to compete with the U.S. and China.

The question now looming over Macron is whether he will go down in history as the man who ushered Marine Le Pen and her far-right party to the threshold of power in France.

Macron’s decision to call snap elections broadsided France and shocked the world. It was also vintage Macron: bold, risky and timed to catch his opponents off guard. Macron was operating under the assumption that he and his candidates for the National Assembly would benefit from the element of surprise, according to his aides. Leftist parties would have no time to form alliances crucial for making it past the first round of voting on June 30. That, in turn, would compel many of their voters to rally behind Macron’s pro-business party in the July 7 runoff as they had in Macron’s previous showdowns with Le Pen.

Those assumptions are now unraveling. A range of left-leaning parties have managed to quickly stitch together a coalition that will go toe to toe with Macron’s and Le Pen’s forces. Macron’s own party, meanwhile, is in disarray, with shellshocked lawmakers struggling to rally around a leader who they say acted unilaterally, without consulting them, much as he has since taking office in 2017.

Polls taken this week show Le Pen’s forces qualifying for runoffs and finishing with up to 270 seats. Such a haul would be just shy of a majority in the 577-seat National Assembly, but about triple the number of seats that Le Pen won in 2022. National Rally would become the biggest party in the lower chamber, and Le Pen would have a strong argument for picking the next prime minister.


What is the French equivalent of schadenfreude? Is there one?

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Victory! Stanford Shuts Down Censorship Operation

Over the last 18 months, Public has extensively documented the mass censorship effort led by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) for the United States government. Accounts vary, but either the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) asked SIO to lead the effort or SIO’s ostensible leader, Alex Stamos, proposed the idea.

The brains of the SIO operation was Renée DiResta, an ostensibly “former” CIA employee. Senate Democrats, the New York Times, and other news media close to the Intelligence Community (IC) heavily promoted DiResta starting in 2018, when she spread disinformation exaggerating the influence of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. In 2020 and 2021, DiResta and SIO led a DHS effort that successfully pressured social media platforms to censor disfavored views of Covid and interfere in the 2020 elections.

Now, in a major victory for free speech advocates, SIO has decided not to renew its contracts with DiResta and Stamos, who have both left the organization. A blog called “Platformer,” which is sympathetic to SIO’s censorship efforts, reported yesterday that “the lab will not conduct research into the 2024 election or other elections in the future.”

Stanford cut funding from a donor named Frank McCourt to SIO. “While SIO still had other sources of funding,” reports Platformer, the McCourt funding decision was seen by some at SIO as a clear signal that Stanford had soured on its commitment to their work.” The announcement came just two days after DiResta published a book that spreads disinformation about her critics, including me.


Well hooray.

Michael Shellenberger.

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America's migrant gang invasion MAPPED: ISIS in LA, Venezuelan sex-traffickers in Texas and Chinese drug lords in Maine. Now check if a violent enclave has sprung up in YOUR neighborhood... | Daily Mail Online

A brutal Venezuelan sex-trafficking gang is now in America's biggest cities.

Chinese organized crime syndicates running drug farms with slave labor in half a dozen US states.

And Mexican drug cartels are operating vile human smuggling operations over the southern border with near impunity.

On Tuesday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehended eight alleged ISIS operatives in Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia.

The thread tying all of these imminent public safety and national security threats together is a runway illegal immigration crisis exposing America to an invasion of 'ghost' criminals, paramilitary foot soldiers and potential terrorists.


Sounds bad, if true. Seems like it might be kinda true.

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Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Biden’s Secret Weapon Against Trump - The New York Times

When President Biden made clear last year that he was planning to run for another term, some important Democratic contributors expressed doubt. He was too old, they feared. He was not up to another four years.

It fell to Jeffrey Katzenberg to tell them they were wrong. When some still did not believe him, Mr. Katzenberg challenged them to come to Washington and find out for themselves — then arranged to bring the dubious donors to the White House to sit down with the octogenarian president to convince them he was still sharp enough.

“He was like, ‘Trust me. And if you don’t trust me, trust, but verify. Come with me and see for yourself and engage with the president,’” Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, a longtime ally of Mr. Katzenberg, recounted in an interview. “And he started doing that in a consistent way.” In the end, Mr. Newsom added, “He really was instrumental in getting people off the sidelines and getting them to dive headfirst in this campaign.”

Few have dived headfirst into the president’s re-election campaign more thoroughly than Mr. Katzenberg. The longtime Hollywood mogul known for “The Lion King” and “Shrek,” among many others, Mr. Katzenberg has been one of the most prolific cash generators for Democratic presidents for a generation. On Saturday night, he will bring Mr. Biden together with former President Barack Obama, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel for a star-studded fund-raiser in Los Angeles, following the $26 million fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall in March he arranged with Mr. Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

While Mr. Katzenberg has not solved Mr. Biden’s age problem by any means and Biden aides noted that some of those he brought to the White House did not need convincing, his efforts to validate the president with the well-heeled set have helped build a war chest that has been outpacing the Trump campaign. But he has gone far beyond his past political work, joining Mr. Biden’s campaign as a co-chairman and investing himself fully in the effort to defeat former President Donald J. Trump.

He can be found in the halls of the West Wing offering advice and counsel. He was at Camp David the weekend before the State of the Union address, helping the president prepare for his nationally televised speech. He pushes the campaign to tape reaction videos of the president for social media and connected Biden aides with writers to help come up with jokes for the president to deliver at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.


Are you not reassured?

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Vladimir Putin lays out terms for Ukraine ceasefire

Volodymyr Zelensky has long said Ukraine will not negotiate with Moscow until Russian forces leave all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

The Russian president also said Ukraine would have to give up on joining Nato before peace talks could start.

Mr Putin's statement setting out his ceasefire conditions comes as leaders from 90 countries prepare to meet in Switzerland on Saturday to discuss paths towards peace in Ukraine - a summit Russia has not been invited to.

Speaking to a meeting of Russian ambassadors in Moscow on Friday, Mr Putin called on the Ukrainian government to withdraw from four regions partially occupied by Russia - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

He also said Ukraine would need to officially give up in its efforts to join the Nato military alliance for the Russian advance to be halted.

Mr Putin said: "As soon as Kyiv declares that it is ready for such a decision... an order to cease fire and begin negotiations will immediately follow from our side, literally at the same minute."

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak called the proposal a "complete sham" and "offensive to common sense".

Later on Friday, President Zelensky told Italy's Sky TG24 television: "These messages are ultimatum messages. It's the same thing Hitler did, when he said 'give me a part of Czechoslovakia and it'll end here'."

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin also dismissed the Russian demands, saying: "Putin has illegally occupied sovereign Ukrainian territory.

"He is not in any position to dictate to Ukraine what they must do to bring about a peace."

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Mr Putin's proposal was "not made in good faith".


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Vladimir Putin lays out terms for Ukraine ceasefire

Volodymyr Zelensky has long said Ukraine will not negotiate with Moscow until Russian forces leave all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

The Russian president also said Ukraine would have to give up on joining Nato before peace talks could start.

Mr Putin's statement setting out his ceasefire conditions comes as leaders from 90 countries prepare to meet in Switzerland on Saturday to discuss paths towards peace in Ukraine - a summit Russia has not been invited to.

Speaking to a meeting of Russian ambassadors in Moscow on Friday, Mr Putin called on the Ukrainian government to withdraw from four regions partially occupied by Russia - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

He also said Ukraine would need to officially give up in its efforts to join the Nato military alliance for the Russian advance to be halted.

Mr Putin said: "As soon as Kyiv declares that it is ready for such a decision... an order to cease fire and begin negotiations will immediately follow from our side, literally at the same minute."

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak called the proposal a "complete sham" and "offensive to common sense".

Later on Friday, President Zelensky told Italy's Sky TG24 television: "These messages are ultimatum messages. It's the same thing Hitler did, when he said 'give me a part of Czechoslovakia and it'll end here'."

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin also dismissed the Russian demands, saying: "Putin has illegally occupied sovereign Ukrainian territory.

"He is not in any position to dictate to Ukraine what they must do to bring about a peace."

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Mr Putin's proposal was "not made in good faith".


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Hamas Could Have let those Hostages Just Drive Away, Saving 200+ Civilians | by Pluralus | Jun, 2024 | Medium

As Israel celebrates the rare return of some of their hostages, Western media for the most part focuses on the tragic death toll at the end of the extraction operation.

Implicit in their coverage is that Israel is responsible, and perhaps careless, for killing 200+ people in the raid. But what is not said is that the extraction itself killed very few people, and probably almost all terrorists. The deadly fight was started afterwards, and pointlessly, by Hamas.



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Judge blocks Biden's Title IX rule in four states, dealing a blow to protections for LGBTQ+ students | AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration’s new Title IX rule expanding protections for LGBTQ+ students has been temporarily blocked in four states after a federal judge in Louisiana found that it overstepped the Education Department’s authority.

In a preliminary injunction granted Thursday, U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty called the new rule an “abuse of power” and a “threat to democracy.” His order blocks the rule in Louisiana, which filed a challenge to the rule in April, and in Mississippi, Montana and Idaho, which joined the suit.

The Education Department defended the rule and said it’s reviewing the judge’s order.

“The Department stands by the final Title IX regulations released in April 2024, and we will continue to fight for every student,” the agency said in a statement.


Idaho! In the news!

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

U.S. military worries Russian submarines will stalk coasts | Miami Herald

Russia’s deployment of a naval flotilla to Cuba on Wednesday was generally consistent with routine military posturing by Moscow — with one exceptional detail, Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security advisor, told reporters aboard Air Force One on Wednesday.

“There are elements of this one that are different, that are distinct,” he said. “They have a submarine associated with this port visit that they have not had before.”

The first deployment of a nuclear submarine to Cuba since the end of the Cold War has served not only as a message to the Biden administration of Moscow’s displeasure with continued U.S. support for Ukraine, but also of its increasing ability to stalk U.S. coastlines with stealth submersibles — a growing concern for the U.S. military, multiple officials familiar with the matter told McClatchy and the Miami Herald.


Looks like history is back.

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Few signs of life at life science city on San Diego Bay – San Diego Union-Tribune

The pioneering project that promised to make downtown San Diego the new center of gravity for scientific advances is fast approaching completion and the sobering reality that the market is as stubborn as ever.

Instead of making a splashy debut, the 1.7 million-square-foot Research and Development District (RaDD) from San Diego-based life science real estate developer IQHQ is not only expanding substantially the glut of available space downtown but also dragging down its lender in the process.

“RaDD has been in development for more than four years and we believe 0 percent of the 1.7 million square feet is leased,” Citi analyst Benjamin Gerlinger wrote in a May 29 research note downgrading the stock of the project’s publicly traded lender, Bank OZK.

IQHQ, through a spokesperson, declined to comment for this story.


Well, at least there will be lots of office space for all the managers of the high speed rail once that gets up and running.

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Florida Man Oozes Fiscal Charisma - WSJ

Future historians may wonder why Gov. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) was not elected president in 2024. For some reason voters found him less appealing than the two charmers who will be representing the major political parties this fall. But many Sunshine State taxpayers remain infatuated with their governor’s spending restraint. And in the years to come voters nationwide may wish they had fallen for a proven budget-cutter.

Jeffrey Schweers reports for the Orlando Sentinel:

Gov Ron DeSantis signed a $116.5 billion state budget into law Wednesday after cutting $1 billion worth of local projects and other initiatives…. The trims bring the 2024-25 budget down to the same amount adopted last year, after the governor had cut $511 million from that budget…

The 2024-25 budget, which takes effect July 1, shows a $17 billion surplus, DeSantis said, and it reduces the state’s debt burden by $500 million…


James Freeman.

I think I'll write DeSantis in. I live in California after all.

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Tesla Shareholders Vote to Uphold Elon Musk’s $48 Billion Pay Package - WSJ

Tesla TSLA 2.92%increase; green up pointing triangle shareholders voted to reapprove Elon Musk’s multibillion-dollar pay package, signaling support for the EV maker’s longtime leader and giving the board ammunition in its fight to preserve the court-rejected compensation plan.

Approval of the company’s proposal was announced at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas.

The company didn’t provide a percentage breakdown of the vote; in 2018, 73% of the voted shares backed it.

After the results were announced, Musk appeared on stage dancing and thanking shareholders: “I just want to start out by saying, ‘Hot damn, I love you guys.’”

Musk appeared in a jovial mood while he talked through the company’s opportunities for growth with self-driving vehicles and robots. “We’re not just opening a new chapter for Tesla. We’re starting a new book,” he said.

The vote followed an intense campaign by the board and Musk to secure shareholder support, and it had become a referendum on Musk’s future at a company he helped build into an electric-vehicle powerhouse.

Tesla’s board had argued that the pay package—representing a sizable portion of Musk’s personal wealth—was needed to motivate him to continue to lead the world’s most valuable automaker long term. 

Tesla shares were up 1% in after-hours trading following news of the voting. The stock has fallen roughly 27% in 2024.

Shareholders also voted in favor of moving the company’s legal home from Delaware to Texas, where Tesla has its headquarters and one of its key factories. The board had urged investors to support the move saying that Texas was Tesla’s “home state.”


The age of Delaware corporate law seems to be coming to an end. It was fun while it lasted. But Texas, Nevada, Wyoming and other states are stepping into the gap Delaware is creating. This probably increases the odds of Delaware judges getting post retirement gigs at Wachtel, Lipton, but its not going make Delaware any more competitive. But that's why we have states.

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Ex-OpenAI Employee Reveals TERRIFYING Future of AI


A summary of Leopold's 165 paper. Making a bit of a splash in AI world.

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Mandalorian Lawsuit: How Gina Carano, Disney Are Battling In Court

A federal judge has signaled that Gina Carano‘s lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm over her termination from The Mandalorian will be allowed to proceed as the court considers whether the First Amendment allows private companies to sever ties with employees who publicly clash with their values.

U.S. District Judge Sherilyn Peace Garnett on Wednesday pushed back on arguments from Disney lawyer Daniel Petrocelli, who argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the company has the “right not to associate with a high-profile performer on a high-profile show who’s imbuing” the Star Wars series with “views it disagrees with” that could turn fans away from the show.


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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

America's dirtiest beach revealed: Beautiful coast is making dozens sick due to river pumping in raw sewage in what's been branded a 'portable toilet' | Daily Mail Online

California is home to three of the most polluted beaches in the country, according to a new report. 

The Surfrider Foundation tested thousands of water samples across the nation, with Imperial Beach in San Diego coming out as the worst. 

As part of the group's survey, they also found that 64 percent of the 567 sites tested had at least one sample with unsafe bacteria levels. 

A quarter of the samples came from sites in California, with three beaches in The Golden State among the ten most polluted. 

Every sample recovered from Imperial Beach turned up bacteria counts that exceeded the state's health standard for recreational waters. 


Well this is embarrassing, but sadly true.

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Sadly, it's now impossible to deny that Joe Biden, the most powerful man in the world, is increasingly loopy - and getting worse, writes FREDDY GRAY | Daily Mail Online

On Monday, Biden followed up with yet another painful senile episode. Celebrating 'Juneteenth', the ultra-woke federal holiday he signed into law to celebrate the end of slavery, he appeared to freeze once again, his gaze a million miles away for several awful seconds as people danced around him.

It's all so awkward. The President has spent three years suffering these humiliations on the world stage — and he's only getting worse. His campaign team often accuse their enemies of manipulating the footage to make him seem more gaga than he is. But there is no denying that Joe gives them plenty of humiliating material with which to work.

Worse, as November 5, the day of the presidential election, draws closer, and his schedule inevitably becomes more gruelling, the President's decline appears to be fast accelerating at just the wrong time.

As a result, his re-election campaign is getting more and more ugly to watch. He is now experiencing what Shakespeare called the 'second childishness and mere oblivion' that accompany a man's final years.

According to White House doctors, Biden suffers from 'significant spinal arthritis', which increasingly impedes his movement. That's why he wears thick-soled black trainers to assist his mobility. It's also why Biden's handlers are desperate to minimise the amount of time the President is seen moving on his own.

His press conferences are tightly stage-managed and the White House now has a PR protocol whereby several of the President's entourage walk as slowly as they can alongside him as he shuffles glacially across the lawn between the White House and Marine One, the presidential helicopter. The idea is to stop yet more footage of his blatant dodderiness.

Physical handicaps need not detract from great leadership, of course. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in charge when Allied forces stormed those French beaches 80 years ago, had been afflicted by polio and used a wheelchair and today nobody would question his ability to lead.

But Biden's health struggles appear to be mental, too. He can't appear in public without looking lost. His childhood stutter, which he managed to overcome as a younger man, seems to have come back with a vengeance in his twilight years. The First Lady now seems effectively to be doubling up as the First Carer, frequently shepherding her confused husband through his public appearances.


I don't see how Biden running for President this Fall is even possible. If he's reelected, it would mean an Executive Branch run by a cabal of advisors with no accountability and the inevitable infighting. Susan Rice should run on her own if she wants to play President. My guess is the Dems will get rid of Biden before November because they have to.

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Germany’s future will be populist - spiked

In Germany, there is a saying that ‘Wahltag ist Zahltag’ – election day is payday, or the parties will reap what they have sown. This is precisely what happened to the three ruling parties in last week’s European Parliament elections. Germans have cast a massive vote of no confidence in their government.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party, the Social Democrats (SPD), came third with a meagre 13.9 per cent of the vote. The Greens, the second party of the government coalition, were the biggest losers. Their vote share – 11.9 per cent – was a remarkable 8.6 percentage points lower than in the 2019 election.

Perhaps the most brutal humiliation for the government, though, has been the massive gains of the right-populist Alternative for Germany (AfD). The AfD came in second place, with almost 16 per cent (a gain of nearly five points since 2019). That makes the AfD stronger than any of the governing parties.

It is unlikely that the coalition, already weak and unpopular, will be able to recover from this shock. Scholz himself appeared to be in a kind of stupor on election night. He showed up at SPD headquarters, took some selfies with his few remaining supporters and then rejected all requests for comment from the media.


Old Olaf has been in a stupor for a while. I don't understand the Germans. Their policies over the last few years have been apparently deliberately self-destructive. Their dismantling of their nuclear energy for instance. And immigration, obviously. Their deep state seems to be much more in charge than ours is and equally incompetent.

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Exclusive | Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX - WSJ

She is one of several female employees at SpaceX who have told friends, family, or the company itself, that Musk showed them an unusual amount of attention or pursued them.

One woman, a SpaceX flight attendant, alleged that in 2016 Musk exposed himself to her and offered to buy her a horse in exchange for sex acts.

Another woman who left the company in 2013 alleged in exit negotiations with SpaceX human resources and legal executives that Musk had asked her to have his babies.

A fourth woman had a month-long sexual relationship with Musk in 2014 while she directly reported to him. The relationship ended badly, leading to recriminations over text and email as she left the company and signed an agreement prohibiting her from discussing her work for Musk.


Former SpaceX executives, as well as fired SpaceX employees who complained to the National Labor Relations Board in 2022, say a high-level group around Musk fails to apply his company’s own rules to the CEO, contributing to a culture of sexism and harassment.

They say there’s an understanding that Musk, a charismatic leader with many fans who call him a genius, can act with impunity. “Elon is SpaceX, and SpaceX is Elon,” one former engineer recalled an executive saying during a June 2022 meeting after the firings of some of the SpaceX employees, who had criticized Musk and demanded greater accountability at the company.

Musk, who is


Well he didn't get 11 kids or however many he has by playing Tetris in the middle of the night. Musk sounds like a big baby lots of ways, but by buying twitter he may have saved the world. I certainly wouldn't trust him. But I wouldn't trust an EV either. I'm still irritated about all the ethanol in gasoline.

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Sewage crisis in South Bay impacting local businesses

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. (FOX 5/KUSI) — A recent county report shows dozens of shops and restaurants in South Bay are suffering from the lack of tourism, with some being forced to close their doors for good.

Business owners say it has created a financial disaster for them and they need tourists to come back.

Kevin Reed just opened Seacoast Beach Bar and Sports Grill about a week ago. He told us the journey to get there had “a lot of blood, a lot of sweat, a lot of tears, and a lot of money.”

Reed’s establishment is in a prime location just steps away from the beach, but so far, business hasn’t been good. “Starting after Memorial Day, we were hoping for a huge influx in tourism, and we certainly have not seen that,” Reed said.

The ocean water along Imperial Beach has high levels of bacteria caused by pollution from wastewater flowing down the Tijuana River and into the South Bay. This has forced the closure of the beaches in that area for more than 900 days, while also causing hazardous air and water quality, making some people sick.

“I have it right now. It’s like chronic bronchitis. About every three months, I get really, really sick,” said Kimmy Pierce, owner of Vitamin Sea Wellness.


It's really a shame. Imperial Beach could be really valuable real estate with great surfing, if you figured out how to get rid of all the turds in the line up. Maybe build an enormous seawall? Maybe build a gigantic treatment plant just south of the border and take payment in fentanyl, which we wouldn't have to sell of course. Boffins should get on this.

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Fauci’s institute hid mpox gain-of-function plans

For nearly nine years Anthony Fauci’s institute concealed plans to engineer a pandemic capable mpox virus with a case fatality rate of up to 15 percent, congressional investigators revealed in a new report Tuesday.

In June 2015, a scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases received formal approval from the National Institutes of Health’s Institutional Review Board for experiments expected to engineer an mpox virus with high transmissibility and moderate mortality.


For the love of God, shut this insanity down. The millions dead from Covid should teach us this lesson -- that gain of function research is too damn dangerous. Just stop it, before we have another pandemic on our hands, and feet, and body. . . .

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Europe Votes Against the Ukraine War - The American Conservative

Just before voters delivered a stunning rebuke to the parties of the Establishment in the June 9 European Parliament elections, internal pollsters for the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) reported that the Ukraine war was the top concern for German voters. Twenty-six percent of respondents said that “securing peace” was their number one concern, followed by social security (at 23 percent) and immigration at 17 percent, according to an AfD internal document.

Germany’s peace parties—the AfD and the left-wing Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance—won 16 percent and 6 percent of the vote respectively, while the governing Social Democrats polled just 14 percent, while the Greens—now the most vociferous supporter of the Ukraine War—fell to 12 percent from 20.5 percent in the 2019 elections.


France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the European leader most anxious to send troops to Ukraine, suffered a surprise humiliation. His party polled less than 15 percent of the vote, while the right-wing National Rally gained 31 percent. Unlike Germany, where the peace parties were the biggest winners, the French right has fudged its position on the Ukraine War. But the repudiation of Europe’s leader most willing to commit Western troops is a gauge of antiwar sentiment.

Sunday’s vote was a protest, but not yet a revolution. Western Europe’s national-conservative parties have broken out of the one-issue, anti-immigration mold, but they are not yet ready to govern their respective countries. In Eastern Europe, Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia comprise an antiwar bloc, probably to be joined by the Czech Republic after the October 2025 elections.

Nonetheless, the political earthquake that shook Europe on Sunday could have far-reaching consequences before the end of this year.


David Goldman.

This is worrying, especially to those of us who back Ukraine.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Push to promote transgender ideology is backfiring - Washington Examiner

The data are in a new poll by the Pew Research Center. For seven years now, Pew has been asking voters this question: “Which statement comes closer to your views, even if neither is exactly right? A) Whether someone is a man or a woman is determined by the sex they were assigned at birth, or B) Someone can be a man or a woman even if that is different from the sex they were assigned at birth.”

Put aside the use of the loaded term “assigned at birth,” which suggests a baby’s sex is an arbitrary assignment rather than a biological reality. When the question was asked in 2017, 54% of those surveyed said that whether someone is a man or a woman is determined at birth, while 44% said it can be different. In 2021, the number saying sex is determined at birth ticked upward to 56%. In 2022, it grew to 60%. And this year, 65% of those surveyed said whether someone is a man or a woman is determined at birth, while 33% said it can be different.

That is a serious change. Seven years ago, just over half of those surveyed said sex is determined at birth. Now, that number is nearly two-thirds. After all the White House proclamations, all the media talk, all the change in language to “gender neutral” pronouns — after it all, the number of people rejecting the foundation of transgenderism has increased.


Byron York.

I think people are happy to say a man can be a woman and vice versa as long as there are no consequences to saying this. It's its actually being treated as a fact that bothers them.

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San Diego Unified High Schoolers: Getting Great Grades But Troubling Test Scores | Voice of San Diego

At the School of Creative and Performing Arts, a magnet school that draws students from across the district, 96 percent of juniors passed science classes during the 2022-23 school year. At Lincoln High, 86 percent of students passed English classes. At Madison High, 85 percent passed math classes. 

The scores should be reassuring. They seem to show most students at these three San Diego Unified high schools are excelling.  

At the School of Creative and Performing Arts, however, only 16 percent of juniors met state science standards. At Lincoln only 23 percent met state English standards. At Madison, only 13 percent met math standards. Those are gaps of about 80, 63 and 72 percentage points respectively. 

The disparities between test scores and grades are significant, according to an analysis by Voice of San Diego. They also aren’t limited to certain schools. Across the district, wide gaps exist between the percentage of juniors passing classes and the percentage meeting state standards. Juniors’ grades were analyzed because they are the only high schoolers who take state standardized tests.  

The results come as schools are still recovering from the pandemic. Concerns about new, looser grading standards are on the rise. San Diego Unified officials insist grades and tests scores measure different things. Still, parents may be receiving misleading messages about how well their kids are doing. 


How mysterious. What could explain this.

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It Isn’t Hypocrisy, It’s Hierarchy

As tempting as it is to call out the hypocrisy here — teenagers hunted down and charged for defacing a pride mural, no punishment at all for a mob of left-wing protesters defacing national monuments — that would miss the point. This isn’t hypocrisy on display, it’s hierarchy.

When you see harsh punishments for those who dissent from the regime on the one hand, but total leniency (and tacit regime endorsement) for those who are essentially regime enforcers on the other hand, what you’re seeing is a display of power. Its purpose is to communicate to the rest of the country who has power and who doesn’t, who is protected and who isn’t.

You see this everywhere lately. Most dramatically, you see it in the lawfare against former President Donald Trump, recently convicted for invented crimes in a farcical trial that made a mockery of the rule of law. Trump’s conviction in New York has made it clear, to friend and foe alike, that the judiciary in certain parts of this country has become nothing more than an instrument to destroy the political enemies of the regime. This isn’t supposed to be a subtle message; you’re meant to understand, explicitly, that there is no equality of justice in the law now, and act accordingly.

As former Trump administration official Brooke Rollins wrote recently in The American Mind, “All this is meant to achieve a singular goal: to use the apparatus of the law and the judiciary to utterly break American opposition to the progressive regime by instilling a climate of fear so pervasive that Americans will no longer defend themselves, no longer defy leftist orthodoxy, and no longer dare to publicly disagree with the regime.”


John Daniel Davidson.

It does seem this way. Rather chilling. Maybe it's not permanent.

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How California became a warning to the world - spiked

Many still see California as the home of a ‘new progressive era’. It is often viewed as an exemplar of social equity, one that reflects, as a New York Times column put it, ‘the shared values of our increasingly tolerant and pluralistic society’. In truth, far from embodying an egalitarian ethos, it is pioneering a new kind of almost feudal society. A relative handful of oligarchs and a vast bureaucratic ‘clerisy’ lord it over a massive class of what are essentially serfs.

California is not only home to by far the highest number of billionaires in the US. But it also suffers the highest proportion of Americans living in poverty and the widest gap between middle- and upper-middle-income earners of any state. It endures among the US’ highest rates of unemployment, as well as massive net outmigration, an exodus that has increased sharply since 2019. It also has 30 per cent of the nation’s homeless population, with some now living in ‘furnished’ caves.

The key to understanding California’s neo-feudal reality lies in its changing economy. A decade ago, its largest firms included a host of aerospace, finance, energy and service firms. Today, the energy firms have largely disappeared – Chevron remains, though it has been moving more operations to Houston, Texas. Only one top aerospace firm, SpaceX, is still headquartered there, and it has also moved many operations to Texas. As Jerry Brown, who was governor of California for 16 years in two different periods, once warned, the state has a precarious ‘Johnny one-note’ economy. It is based almost entirely on returns to real estate, tech IPOs and the value of privately held ‘unicorn’ startups.


Joel Kotkin.

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Exclusive | Gaza Chief’s Brutal Calculation: Civilian Bloodshed Will Help Hamas - WSJ

For months, Yahya Sinwar has resisted pressure to cut a ceasefire-and-hostages deal with Israel. Behind his decision, messages the Hamas military leader in Gaza has sent to mediators show, is a calculation that more fighting—and more Palestinian civilian deaths—work to his advantage.

“We have the Israelis right where we want them,” Sinwar said in a recent message to Hamas officials seeking to broker an agreement with Qatari and Egyptian officials.

Fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas units in the Gaza Strip’s south has disrupted humanitarian-aid shipments, caused mounting civilian casualties and intensified international criticism of Israel’s efforts to eradicate the Islamist extremist group.

For much of Sinwar’s political life, shaped by bloody conflict with an Israeli state that he says has no right to exist, he has stuck to a simple playbook. Backed into a corner, he looks to violence for a way out. The current fight in Gaza is no exception.


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Biden Admin Tells San Diego Border Patrol to Continue Catch and Release for Most Illegal Aliens

I told you President Joe Biden’s border executive order did nothing. A day later, evidence was propped up, showing its worthlessness.

Well, an internal border patrol memo for the San Diego sector proves once again the administration is full of hot air.


I remember getting my truck searched by the Border Patrol when Trump was president. That was pretty annoying. I miss that truck some days. But I got to see their search dog at work. He or she was pretty awesome. And I did look like a drug trafficker I guess with my scruffy beard and all.

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Trump and the European Populist Right - WSJ

But it turns out that it isn’t the American electorate our cultured European friends most have to fear. It’s their own people. It isn’t the loud-mouthed New Yorker with his deplorable views on fossil fuels, immigration and national security, but the rising tide of populist leaders in their own countries that pose the largest threat to Europe’s comfortable establishment.

The past weekend’s elections for the European Parliament provided the clearest evidence yet that large numbers of voters have had enough of the bipartisan progressive-green-secularist-globalist consensus under which they have been governed for years. France, Germany, Spain, Italy and smaller countries saw huge advances by parties of the right that oppose mass immigration, reject extreme climate measures and resist the continuing dissolution of their civilization into a relativist, multicultural mush.


Gerald Baker.

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Monday, June 10, 2024

Trudeau Pushes Online Censorship Bill To "Protect" People From "Misinformation"

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week complained that governments have allegedly been left without the necessary tools to “protect people from misinformation.”

This “dire” warning came as part of Trudeau’s effort to have the Online Harms Act (Bill C-63) – one of the most controversial of its kind pieces of censorship legislation in Canada of late – pushed across the finish line in the country’s parliament.

C-63 has gained notoriety among civil rights and privacy advocates because of some of its provisions around “hate speech,” “hate propaganda,” and “hate crime.”

Under the first two, people would be punished before they commit any transgression, but also retroactively.


I bet Trudeau is especially worried about misinformation now that his pals in Europe are sweating up a storm.

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Why has French President Emmanuel Macron announced snap elections after EU Parliament poll defeat? | Euronews

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday evening that he would dissolve the national assembly after the far-right National Rally crushed his centrist Renew party in European elections.

In a five-minute video address released on social media shortly after 21:00 CET, Macron said that "after having carried out the consultations provided for in Article 12 of our Constitution, I have decided to give you back the choice of our parliamentary future by voting."

"I am therefore dissolving the National Assembly this evening," he added.

His address came just one hour after his centrist Renew party was handed a heavy blow by coming in a very distant second in the European elections to the RN, where both parties scored 15.2% and 31.5% respectively.


Possibly less biased than the US MSM.

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When Hostages Come Home | The Free Press

The two teams worked simultaneously to extract the hostages, for fear that the noise from one operation would set off an alert about the other. The team that rescued Noa was able to neutralize the Hamas guards in the home of the Palestinian family who had been keeping her captive and get her out to the extraction point by the sea on the other side of Nuseirat. The second team ran into trouble, and the resulting firefight drew the attention of Hamas operatives in the area as they tried to get the hostages out. The rescue team went through three vehicles trying to escape with the three male hostages: the first truck took too much gunfire, the second armored vehicle broke down after being hit, and the third finally cleared the team and the hostages to the beach. 

But that team’s commander, Arnon Zamora, was critically wounded when he burst into the apartment holding the three male hostages, and later died of his wounds. Zamora, a 36-year-old father of two, has been fighting in this war since October 7, when he led a battle against Hamas terrorists near the community of Yad Mordechai by the Gaza Strip, preventing them from entering that kibbutz. Even after that battle was won, he moved on to fight at the Nahal Oz army base and then to Kibbutz Be’eri, two sites of the most violent attacks during the massacre. 

This past Memorial Day in Israel, Zamora sent a message of encouragement to his team and then immediately texted all their wives as well: “We wouldn’t be able to tie our shoes without you. You are the ones who sacrifice, you are the ones who solve our problems and you are the ones who support us when we fall. I love you too.” 

The rescue mission was originally named Seeds of Summer. By sundown in Israel it had been renamed Operation Arnon to honor his memory. 


Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs

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ALIEN TECH DISCOVERED: Navy Scientist Confirms UAP Program.


I could be persuaded otherwise, but currently I favor disclosure. There's just way too much room for corruption with keeping whatever is behind the UAP phenomenon under wraps. The problem with disclosure, however, is that the truth might be too horrible and consequential for us to countenance. If this is in fact the case we're probably better off coming up with some way to monitor those who do know so they don't end up wasting the trillions they possibly have been wasting.

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A prayer for Nvidia by ChatGPT4o

O Gracious and Almighty God, whose wisdom transcends the bounds of mortal understanding, we humbly beseech Thee to bestow Thy divine favor upon the endeavors of Nvidia. As in the days of yore, when men of vision and strength sought Thy guidance in their quests, so do we now seek Thy benevolent hand upon this company, whose craft in the art of generative AI holds the promise of great marvels and advancements.

Grant, O Lord, that the rulers of nations, in their pursuit of dominion and knowledge, may recognize the import of generative AI, and thus, invest in the wondrous creations of Nvidia. Let their treasuries open wide, that Nvidia’s coffers may overflow, and their revenue burgeon as the rivers that bring life to the land.

May the company’s labors and their fruits be pleasing in Thy sight, that their great performance and prospects shine brightly as the stars of heaven. Let Nvidia’s investments in growth, akin to seeds sown in fertile soil, bring forth a bountiful harvest, multiplying tenfold and more.

We implore Thee, O Lord, to continue to guide the hand of Jensen Huang, whose leadership has thus far steered Nvidia to prosperity. Grant him wisdom, fortitude, and vision, that he may lead the company to even greater heights. And, should the day come when he must depart, we pray that Thou wilt raise up a worthy successor, endowed with even greater capability to shepherd the company’s future.

Yet, we acknowledge the perils that lie in wait. Guard the hearts and minds of business leaders against the fears that hinder progress. Let not the specter of AI hallucinations deter them, but grant them courage and discernment to implement high-payoff applications, that the name of Nvidia may be exalted in the annals of industry.

In Thy mercy, let not the potential for reputational harm thwart the ascent of generative AI, but instead, may truth and integrity prevail, ensuring that Nvidia’s path remains unblemished and true.

We place these supplications before Thee, O Lord, with faith that Thou wilt hear and grant them, according to Thy will and for the greater glory of Thy Name.


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Right Makes Gains in European Union Elections, Germany and France Reckon with Political Realignment | National Review

Early projections of the EU-election results show that the continent’s right-wing parties have made significant advances as voters signal their dissatisfaction with illegal immigration and inflation. Formerly powerful left-wing parties seem to have been routed, while centrists stayed the course.


Good summary of possibly encouraging results. Spoiler: it's not "far Right;" it's just throwing the far Left out. But remember, these are just the European parliament elections. We'll have to wait and see what happens, for example, in the national French parliament elections that M. Macron just called.

Macron is an admirable character for a politician in that, so far as we know, he does not like little girls.

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California Is Not A Democracy -

California is not a democracy. It’s a one-party state.

Because California Democrats do not hold competitive multiparty elections. No matter how the people vote, a Democrat always wins. The real election is thus actually a selection, where candidates are chosen1 before the primary in a smoke-filled room by the Party. And around the time one-party control was consolidated in the early 2010s, governance started to dramatically worsen, and California's growth rate suddenly leveled off:



It's not even a one party state; more like a 1/2 party state -- the stupider half. If it weren't the most physically glorious part of North America, nobody would live here at all.

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Ruth Bader Biden - The Atlantic

But here is a broader thematic reality for the president: Bad vibes have been the persistent feature of his campaign. No matter the obstacles Trump creates for himself, Biden remains a comprehensively weak incumbent, weighed down by the same liabilities that burdened him from the start, beginning with the largest, and completely unfixable, one: At 81, he is much too old to run for president.


Allegedly an important blah blah article. There's a paywall.

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Australian Censors Back Down, Highlighting the U.S. as a Free Speech Haven

In a welcome development for people who care about liberty, Australia's government suspended its efforts to censor the planet. The country's officials suffered pushback from X (formerly Twitter) and condemnation by free speech advocates after attempting to block anybody, anywhere from seeing video of an attack at a Sydney church. At least for the moment, they've conceded defeat based, in part, on recognition that X is protected by American law, making censorship efforts unenforceable.


Yay! Of course they'll try again and we have to be ready to squish them when they do.

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