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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Idyllic Bel-Air has seen fires before and most still refuse to leave - NBC News

BEL-AIR, Calif. — Around midday Wednesday, Bel-Air had that picture postcard feel: 70-something temperatures under a bright blue, cloudless sky. It was the kind of mid-winter day that, for decades, lured Hollywood magnates and movie stars to these fortune-kissed hillsides.

But something unsettling crept in around the edges of this year's winter idyll — a whiff of smoke, a light sprinkling of ash, and a steady flow of water down the gutter. Many residents here, in one of Los Angeles' poshest neighborhoods, awoke to find waves of fire leaping up the steep hillsides of the Sepulveda Pass, the main route connecting the city’s Westside with the famed San Fernando Valley.


They won't get a lot of sympathy. No one gets much sympathy. Whatever the news says, it's every family for itself once the evacuations start. But I'm not leaving till I can see the flames. Which I hope will be never.

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How do you drive your fire pump? I mean, does it have a gasoline engine or what?

Posted by: dearieme | Dec 7, 2017 5:07:03 AM