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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

(Dam) Breaking: Multiple Senate Dems call on Franken to resign - Hot Air Hot Air

Al Franken’s firewall of support in the Senate has begun to collapse. Until today, none of his fellow Democrats in the upper chamber suggested that Franken should resign, including Kirsten Gillibrand, who publicly endorsed an Ethics Committee probe instead. After a seventh accuser came forward this morning, Gillibrand has reversed herself and now wants Franken to resign immediately:


Indeed, we here at the RC must reluctantly and gleefully call on Sen. Franken to resign. We have always regarded it as an embarrassment that he was in the Senate at all, and this seems as good a reason as any for him to split. Of course, we have heard for a long time that any female even marginally attractive should not get caught in an elevator alone with him, or even with some other people. But now that this open secret is officially recognized as an unsubstantiated accusation, it is surely time for him to head back out to his mostly failed career on our public airways.

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