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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trump Challenges Secretary of State Rex Tillerson To IQ Test, Feuds With GOP Sen. Bob Corker : NPR

The past few days have been particularly chaotic, even for a president who seems to thrive on self-created chaos.

There's been a feud with a key Republican senator, a flare-up at a professional football game with President Trump instructing his vice president to walk out when players (on the most activist team in the NFL) knelt during the national anthem, and he even questioned the IQ of his secretary of state.


This seems a good time to remind everyone that this blog did not support our puzzling President, nor did we support the dissembling former first lady. We supported the libertarian candidate, whatever his name was.

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I heard various news reports about the IQ thing and thought it sounded pretty embarrassing. But then I heard the full context of the remarks and realized that it was just a joking way to past the "moron" episode. If the media were positive or neutral they would have reported it that way.

Posted by: CR | Oct 12, 2017 8:41:22 AM