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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Could Sea Creature Slime and Stem Cells Put an End to Scars? | Fast Forward | OZY

Dr. Maral Skelsey recently examined a 10-year-old girl who was extremely self-conscious — and in pain — from a scalding accident that had left a discolored burn on her leg. If the girl had been born in the ’90s, she likely would have been given a compress and steroids and sent on her way. But these days, Skelsey, the director of the Mohs Surgery Unit at the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington, D.C., has a battery of treatments in her arsenal. Using compression, silicone and a fractionated laser, which divides light into thousands of microscopic beams for deeper and faster healing, Skelsey was able to reduce the discoloration significantly, freeing up the girl to wear shorts and go swimming without feeling uneasy.


Useful stuff, that sea creature slime.

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