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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Donald Trump & Russia -- Benefit of the Doubt Now Gone | National Review

Second, this underscores a point I’ve been shouting at the TV all week: Why the Hell are people taking the word of anyone in that meeting as proof of anything? Before this morning’s revelation, even members of the Trump-hostile press repeated that “nothing came of the meeting” or that “no information was given.” On the Trump Aqueduct, this was translated into the whole story being a “nothingburger.”

Where did the proof of this come from? From the people in the room! Jiminy Cricket, that’s stupid.


I'm having trouble keeping the lies straight, let alone the statements that might be lies. Then, of course, there are justified lies, unjustified lies, and so on. I guess we'll just have to let History sort it out. Ho, ho. Little joke.

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