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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So that's why so many Trump allies have called for firing Mueller this week - Hot Air Hot Air

It all makes sense after WaPo’s bombshell tonight. The whole “fire Mueller!” thing seemed to sprout out of nothing over the weekend — Newt Gingrich started talking it up, then Jay Sekulow reminded the public that Trump had the right to can the special counsel, then Trump superfans like Hannity and Coulter began chattering about it, and on and on. It smelled like a coordinated messaging effort. And maybe it was. The most obvious explanation in hindsight is that the White House found out recently what WaPo’s reporters have now discovered, namely, that the president is at last under federal investigation. Not for colluding with Russia but for possibly having unlawfully obstructed an investigation into finding out who did collude with Russia. Hence the sudden frenzy over whether to cashier the special counsel. Do they let this go on or order a nuclear strike on Mueller to end the probe? The latter could damage Trump’s presidency beyond repair. The former, if it produced an indictment, could mean impeachment and removal.


Well that's just great.

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