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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

At this point, Trump's future may boil down to a matter of trust - Hot Air Hot Air

But now, as I said… something feels different. Allahpundit covered the news about the Comey memos yesterday if you need a primer, but the claim that President Trump asked him to ditch the investigation of Flynn has the makings of potential game changer. Both sides of the commentariat have noticed it as well. David Ignatius somewhat dramatically describes the current lay of the land as Trump’s presidency beginning to unravel. And it all comes down to the question of what exactly is inside of those Comey memos and the suggestion that the alleged contents may mean that Trump broke the law. Matt Zapotosky at the WaPo uttered the phrase that Democrats have been aching to hear ever since the inauguration. Was the President guilty of obstruction of Justice? If so, then we’ve entered into the territory of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.


This is so sad, especially for all those people who quit their steady jobs to join the Trump administration. Oh, just kidding, sort of. Still, it's still Justice Gorsuch, is it not?

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