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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Turkey: The journalists’ gulag - Ahram Weekly

Hardly any country outside the communist or Islamist regimes’ sphere imposes harsher or unjust freedom of expression laws as Erdogan’s Turkey does. Similar to its Iranian regime counterparts, the Erdogan regime managed to sway a sizeable segment of the population in its favour by convincing them that their great nation is under peril unless he purges all dissidents that seek to destroy their homeland from within.


Has anyone out there been to Istanbul? Should I go there this summer, if I have to go by myself? Any university I might visit there? Reason is, I'm going to be in London in June and then probably visit my son in Ukraine, or maybe Poland. I don't get out much, so this would be my chance to travel around a bit. I actually hate to travel alone (I miss LWJ and the bad slimy waters of Jamul) but I really must go to this conference and visit my son, and once I'm out, I feel I should travel around a bit.

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It's been a few years but I found it very interesting, even in January; summer should be very nice. Hold your nose at the politics and the present leaders (and no public criticisms until you're out of the country); enjoy doing the tourist things: Dolmbache Palace, the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagai Sophia, and the cats. Wear good walking shoes; they're really necessary. If Turkey doesn't work out, consider Malta, incredible history going back centuries, Valleta and Mdina were never conquered, defensive architecture is remarkable. Island can be enjoyed in three days or so, same as Istanbul. Costs may be a little less in Malta.

Posted by: Haze Gray | Mar 19, 2017 2:25:18 PM