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Friday, March 17, 2017

The death of the pajé Tëpi Matis and the disembodied force of the snake

Tëpi Pajé is the name of a strong shaman of the Matis people. In the Matis language, Tëpi was called xó'xókit , word that names the one that cooks the , the one that carries, door, owns or works with much . The is the shamanic substance and of power for the matis. Tëpi was the only one in his people to be called xó'xókit , a powerful healer whom many Indians of other ethnicities also used to deal with. On Tuesday, March 7, the xó'xókit matis died and became tsussin (a disembodied force).

Tëpi was fishing with his family when the snake stung him, near his village Bokwat Paraíso, on the Branco River, heart of the Vale do Javari Indigenous Land, the second largest in the country, with 8.5 million hectares in the state of Amazonas.


Google translate.

Most unfortunate story. The Amazon is a dangerous place.

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