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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Organ Trafficking: Is Selling My Kidney Really Such a Bad Thing? | American Council on Science and Health

According to Catholic News Agency, at the end of a Vatican conference precisely on this topic, participants declared organ trafficking a "crime against humanity." They make a powerful and emotionally persuasive case:

In general, migrants, refugees and the poor are among the most vulnerable populations for organ trafficking, because they may be forced to sell organs if they do not have the cash to pay when soliciting help for transportation by people-smugglers to more stable countries.

And then:

[The Pope] was particularly concerned... by the reports of the large number of migrants and refugees who are coerced into donating kidneys in order to pay for their journeys to freedom or to a more dignified life.


If anyone could voluntarily sell one of their kidneys, or kidney club contracts enforced (with damages), then we wouldn't have this problem.

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