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Friday, February 17, 2017

My day at the designer vagina showcase | New York Post

There is nothing major about its labia majora, curled primly to frame the entrance of the vagina and a clitoris with a hood so dainty that it might even be called cute. Projected on a screen in front of us in a slick, dark boardroom in Midtown Manhattan, the perfect vagina in the photograph is surrounded by the trademark sky blue of a surgical gown, a slash of orangey disinfectant Betadine on one splayed thigh.

That’s because the perfect vagina was created on an operating table, during a cosmetic surgery by Dr. Amir Marashi.


I'm not going to comment on this, but I gather it's something of a trend now. It will lead to the end of the world.

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Do people distinguish correctly between the vagina and the vulva? In that sort of context, I mean.

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 17, 2017 3:48:50 PM