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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

GOP senators unnerved by Trump-Russia relationship | TheHill

Senate Republicans are expressing growing concerns about the relationship between the Trump administration and Russia.

While Republicans aren’t yet willing to endorse a special investigative committee, GOP senators have indicated that could change.


Ok, so the NSA leaked intelligence (illegal but whatever) that shows a top Trump aide was cahootsiting with the Russkies. They may have more intel that shows who knows what degree of cahootsiting. The Russians evidently were the ones (the assumption is) that revealed the unprecedented scope of Hillary's pay to play scam, thereby perhaps saving us from turning the USG into a giant cash register for Hillary and Bill's retirement. By revealing it, the Russians were one might think, doing us a favor. But it did interfere with our democratic election to an unknowable extent. Because how many people were there, on the margin, who voted against Hillary when they learned of the depth of her avaricious mendacity? A few, I would think, but that's me. But then, I don't like the Russian government, no, I don't. So I confess, I'm confused.

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"the assumption is": that's all it is, an assumption. Such tiny and dubious amounts of evidence that there are imply that the assumption is wrong. But what the hell, let's drown the witch anyway.

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 16, 2017 2:09:40 PM