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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Will Ukraine Regret Giving Up Its Nukes? | The Weekly Standard

As the Journal notes, the Ukrainians had Russian aggression in mind when they sought those assurances. And yet by 1996 Ukraine had given up its entire nuclear arsenal—a nonproliferation success rooted in the world's “post-Cold War confidence in American power and deterrence.” All that has changed today. The Obama White House projects at best uncertainty and ambiguity. More often, the administration lets on that America is the problem and the world a safer more stable place with a smaller U.S. footprint.


Uh, yes? Somewhere in Israel now they must be having a were-we-ever-right moment. Short of WW III, is it possible to have more of a confirmation of the idiocy of {}'s foreign policy? Let's see: there's the deal with the Russians over Syria. That turns out to have been just a peachy idea. There's our deal with Iran; oh yeah, that's working out real well. There's where we're trying to push Israel. The only thing that saves that from being a complete putting of our own eye out is that Israel so far refuses to play. {} finds ways to screw up areas that before he brought his genius seemed relatively at least stable.

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