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Friday, February 14, 2014

Inequality, Dignity and Freedom -

It’s all very well to talk in the abstract about the dignity of work, but to suggest that workers can have equal dignity despite huge inequality in pay is just silly. In 2012, the top 40 hedge fund managers and traders were paid a combined $16.7 billion, equivalent to the wages of 400,000 ordinary workers. Given that kind of disparity, can anyone really believe in the equal dignity of work?


HDP Krugman is on about hedge fund managers again. Paul, just don't think about them! They're not professors, they don't get to sit around writing columns and doing whatever you do. They take positions and sweat bullets over them. They just play with money all day. Everybody is dealt a hand and gets to play it as best they can. You seem to think that because God or the Infinite or Randomness does it differently than you would it must be (1) a Republican conspiracy and (2) something you could improve upon if you were God. But (thankfully) you're not! So just ease up, would you, please! Let me explain how government does things. Doctors now have to choose among about 120,000 (that's right) categories of illness or whatever you might have, and check the box, or else they get into all kinds of trouble with the feds. There is a box for (something like) back injury incurred during a space walk. Not to mention back injury incurred falling off a ladder. Why not just back injury? Nobody knows. So our doctors must have minders. Oh sorry, *providers*, because they're no better than nurses or whatever the hell they're called. Just a single example. Yes, the Infinite would do a better job handing out the money. But He's not into that, and so it's better left to the imperfect Market. You d$%#@bag.

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He's saying, I suppose, that Americans are incapable of distinguishing dignity from income. As an empirical matter, is he right?

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 14, 2014 2:10:16 PM