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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

JFK was a bad President and a bad man

The 50th of JFK's assassination is coming up, so we have to expect coverage like this.  But it's still worth remembering that JFK was a bad President and a bad man.  It pains me to say that.  My mother worshipped him and how could she not?  He was an Irish Catholic and a handsome one at that.  When he was elected, St. John's and St. Joseph's in Boise, Idaho, and thousands of other parishes and schools around the country became less ghettos and more part of the mainstream.  He didn't just get Catholics accepted; he showed they could be glamorous.  But that was all on the surface.  Underneath the surface, and not way underneath either, but just a little, there was a cess pool of personal immorality, addiction and abuse.  I mean, honestly, the whole family was corrupt from Joseph, to Jack, to Teddy, to their children.  The media loved them and loved them of course. They did have a way of standing in the way of assassin's bullets but it seemed they were also quite able to destroy themselves.  It was a terrible thing for the country when John and then Robert were shot.  I'm hardly denying that.  We'll never know what sort of President Robert would have made but he certainly was burning with ambition, not always the best trait in leaders of the free world.  From John we got the Bay of Pigs, the near destruction of the world, a good start on a bad war in Vietnam, and the beginnings of the civil rights movement (good) and I suppose the very beginnings of the Great Society (bad).  I call that a net minus. One has to feel sorry for Jackie, I suppose.  Was the First Lady ever such an abused spouse?  Oh then there were all the Kennedy men in government.  A thousand days was more than enough.  

This is good.  JFK cut taxes.  That was good.

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