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Thursday, October 17, 2013

For GOP, the Damage Is Undeniable | Rothenblog

The deal to open the government and raise the debt ceiling may be done, but the damage to the national Republican Party is considerable.

One GOP consultant — who clearly hails from the more conservative end of his party — didn’t hold back recently in slamming the “no compromise” conservatives who led House Republicans off the political cliff with a government shutdown and by flirting with a debt default.

“We will be weaker when we negotiate with Democrats next time, and we proved that President Obama doesn’t need to negotiate with us,” he said on the condition of anonymity.


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He is precisely wrong. I think when things settle the perception will be that GOP cared enough to fight for America over several policies (Debt, Gov't interference in 1/6 Economy) that are so heinously bad for this country.

I believe the Dem brand was deeply harmed in this fiasco. Being seen in favor of reckless deficit spending, pushing a website that can't enroll people yet will tax them if they don't, takes food off the table via huge insurance premium Rate Shocks, and punitively locks citizens out of national parks to "punish" them in petty ways. How is the Dem position a win for our citizens?

And being unwilling to negotiate in a world intentionally run by CR to hide Obama's insane spending? I think that message got out. Taking the stand Obamacare is "settled law" but the Budget Control Act is open to tinkering? Enforcing only the laws you like? Again, I think the Dem mask was pulled away. And that citizens noticed. And that it will make a difference.

We are already seeing the ongoing impact of Obama's poor policies in the worst Recovery since the Depression. Obamacare has exacerbated this in freezing Capital and turning almost all jobs created into part-time ones. Investment has been delayed until entrepreneurs see how things shook out on taxes and rules.

People in the stock market have been enriched by ZIRP while the average citizen has languished and gone backwards. These are the exact people Obama promised to help yet he has failed them completely and exacerbated inequality. Since the days of the Roman Empire that leads to instability.

The Millionaire Next Door is the best financial book for a reason. No matter what your income, you need to play great defense and great offense. You need to spend less than you make. You need to save a bit and invest. This country has been horrible at both defense and offense for quite a while now.

The GOP policies would help unfreeze the Capital now on the sidelines waiting out Obama's term and fearful of Hillary's (or Martin Omalley or Biden some other economic illiterate) and create jobs that will help the middle class. A job is the best social program. Spending less than you make is prudent and wise.

From McCain's 2008 campaign through the meek acceptance of repeated unconstitutional Executive Orders that usurp Legislative power, the GOP has failed to confront Obama with resistance. Whether for fear of being labelled racist or just cowering the way a beaten dog would, they have not been an opposition. Thus the Free Lunch fans have had a field day. This had to stop, and this battle began that necessary process.

I see zero downside and only upside in starting the draw that distinction. It should have been drawn long ago. I believe as the Holidays approach millions of people will be Thankful that at least one party cared enough to fight for them. And this will help the GOP and hurt Dems in ways not apparent today.

Give it time.

Posted by: Will | Oct 17, 2013 8:48:03 AM