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Friday, September 20, 2013

Why women have a right to sex-selective abortion | Sarah Ditum | Comment is free |

The answer is actually remarkably simple, and it's this: it doesn't matter whether what's growing inside you is liable to end up as a man or a woman. What matters is whether the person it's growing inside – the person who is going to have to deliver the resulting baby, at not inconsiderable personal peril – actually wants to be pregnant and give birth to this child. In a world where it's possible to end a pregnancy safely and legally, it seems like rank brutality to force anyone to carry to term against her will.


And there you have it.

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And there you do have it. Their entire argument. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me.

I like "what's growing inside you is liable to end up as a man or a woman." How distanced.

Posted by: TheCrankyProfessor | Sep 21, 2013 5:47:32 PM

If the "what's growing inside you" is nothing more than surplus tissue, which an adult has the right to snip off like a fingernail, why exactly is it that the woman can decide to keep it and force the man to pay for 18+ years of its education?

Posted by: Izzy S | Sep 22, 2013 5:48:51 PM

Is pregnancy now some sort of air borne virus?

Does one no longer have any option as to avoiding the sort of actions that result in pregnancy?

Posted by: titan | Sep 23, 2013 7:08:56 AM