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Friday, September 20, 2013

Inside Boehner's Plan To Avoid Shutdown (And Wound Obamacare) -

If all goes according to plan on these two fronts, the ball will be back in the House's court, and the threat of shutdown will be less than a week away. House Republicans, it has been assumed, will have two choices at that point: Either instruct leadership to hold their ground and send another anti-Obamacare CR to the Senate; or acknowledge their lack of leverage and pass the clean CR, hoping for another opportunity to fight Obamacare soon thereafter.

But, sources familiar with the planning say Boehner is preparing a third option, one that keeps the government open at post-sequester spending levels while not conceding defeat on Obamacare. To accomplish this, the Republican leadership is planning to propose a debt-ceiling package -- perhaps as early as next week -- that has as its centerpiece a one-year delay of President Obama's health care law.



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