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Saturday, September 14, 2013

American Ineffectualism | National Review Online

As Iowahawk ingeniously summed it up, Putin is “now just basically doing donuts in Obama’s front yard.” It’s not just that he can stitch him up at the G-8, G-20, Gee-don’t-tell-me-you’re-coming-back-for-more, and turn the leader of the free world into the planet’s designated decline-and-fall-guy, but he can slough off crappy third-rate telepromptered mush better than you community-organizer schmucks, too. Let’s take it as read that Putin didn’t write this himself any more than Obama wrote that bilge he was drowning in on Tuesday night, when he took to the airwaves to argue in favor of the fierce urgency of doing something about gassed Syrian moppets but not just yet. Both guys are using writers, but Putin’s are way better than Obama’s — and English isn’t even their first language. With this op-ed Tsar Vlad is telling Obama: The world knows you haven’t a clue how to play the Great Game or even what it is, but the only parochial solipsistic dweeby game you do know how to play I can kick your butt all over town on, too.


Oh dear. Even I am chagrined by how badly Obama seems to have blotted his copybook, as the Brits (used to?) say. It is hard to imagine how it could be worse. It is the sort of thing I suspected our now not so young President capable of, yet I hoped he would not prove to be, like, actually capable of, if you see what I mean. For all that I thought Clint Eastwood was cringingly awful at the RNC, he did have a point, and now it seems he had the point. Anyway, read and savor Steyn. We deserve all of his scorn for the crime of electing the O.

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It was no crime to elect O when the alternative was McCain. But re-electing him, when you had already learnt something about him, and the alternative was Romney, was a case of dereliction of duty.

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 15, 2013 4:53:06 AM

Mind you, the rot set in when you rejected the grown-up Bush the Elder to elect that preposterous bundle of adolescent appetites Slick Willie.

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 15, 2013 5:01:48 AM

The 1992 presidential election made clear that the country had changed. The regression line has been on a clear downward slope ever since (and probably, in hindsight, since long before). Obama is a mere symptom, else he would not have been reelected. The question is whether the rot is too far advanced to reverse. May we live long enough to find out.

Posted by: Jonathan | Sep 17, 2013 9:11:25 AM