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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crime: The curious case of the fall in crime | The Economist

Mr DiIulio later recanted and it is clear that the pessimists were wrong. Even as he wrote, America’s crime wave was breaking. Its cities have become vastly safer, and the rest of the developed world has followed. From Japan to Estonia, property and people are now safer than at almost any time since the 1970s (see article). Confounding expectations, the recession has not interrupted the downward trend. Even as America furiously debates the shooting of Trayvon Martin (see article), new data show that the homicide rate for young Americans is at a 30-year low.


I remember the cold fear of being out on the street in Brooklyn in the late 1970s. Now I could probably get a latte. I prefer the latter. But there still a lot of crime in certain areas. --ts

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