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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everest Climber: Sherpas Tried to Kill Me

When Hillary and Tensing climbed Everest in 1953, the relationship between Sherpas and foreigners was completely different. Today everything is business. Jealousy. Anger. Competition. High tension. If you come here today, you will find that, behind many smiles, there are many economic issues. And especially this year, when many Sherpas have been hired, there is also the question of who will be the first to summit, who will bring the most clients successfully to the summit. There are many Sherpa outfits now that would like to have the business in their hands. It's a kind of cultural process that is taking place, okay?


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There are two sides to every story. The Sherpa people have always been kind and hard working. Economic opportunity is without a doubt something that they have now "tasted", but I also believe one should not jump to a conclusion or start pointing fingers.

We will never know exactly what has happened this season on Everest, but what we must remember is that on every big climb, competition, nerves, and selfishness are very common feelings. You fend for yourself and unfortunately sometimes it bring out the worst in you.

Lets not forget, that the Sherpa people have always been kind to every climber, they even open their families and let you in their lives. I am confident that whatever is happening (specifically regarding the recent confrontations) have a different story behind them.

Lets just hope both sides can be heard.

Amalia Carrillo-B Mattar

Posted by: Amalia | May 6, 2013 8:09:10 AM