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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Althouse: Shouldn't there be a special prosecutor in the IRS case?

I still want a special prosecutor because I just don't trust them not to cover up. The minute I found out about it, then my main focus was making sure that we get the thing fixed. I don't think people believe that. I don't believe it. And when was "the minute [he] found out about it"? He keeps making statements about finding out things around about whenever we do... which is absurdly self-serving, as if the only problems are public relations problems. Apparently, nothing exists for him until we learn about it!


There should be and I don't believe him either. You would be a fool to believe him. --ts

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I don't know why you wouldn't believe him. He is a man who knows the truth and lives the truth. He is the ONE we have always been waiting for, as have the tides. Just because, for example, he first said he was born at one hospital in Hawaii, and then he said a different one, is not at all a reason to doubt his veracity. I mean, that's such a niggling detail. Most of us, for example, don't know which hospital we were born at, or for that matter, even what city or country, right?

Posted by: David Straub | May 20, 2013 3:49:28 AM