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Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Spirit of Capitulation Ends Now | National Review Online

Republicans have been in a funk ever since Obama’s re-election. I’m the first to agree that there’s a deeper problem, but it’s got more to do with under-thirties and what education and the culture are doing to them than with anything a path to citizenship will fix. The ill-designed and ill-considered bill is being pushed on the country by snake-bit Republican pols who’ve made a fundamentally mistaken judgment about how to solve the problem.

They’re acting out of desperation, and what we’ve gotten from that is a disaster of a bill. Well it’s got to stop. Republicans need to snap out of it, wake up, and kill this bill. Circumstances have changed. Obama lost on the sequester and lost on gun control. The left is tearing itself apart on energy issues and making a fool of itself on terrorism. There’s no need for conservatives to go along with nonsense like this bill. It’s time to stop the surrender. This spirit of capitulation ends here, ends now.


If only it were true. Well, here's hoping. It's too bad because I like the immigrants I know. Among other things, they are hard working, harder working than I am. But it seems logical that most of them, maybe as much as 70 percent or so, will vote Democratic. I heard Glenn Reynolds put it well the other day -- the political class doesn't like the electorate it has, so it's trying to import a new one. Well put. Of course, in libertarian heaven, it would be different. Then we could have open borders. But for those of you who haven't noticed, we don't live in libertarian heaven. Marco Rubio -- has anybody noticed this? His role in the Groupo de los Ocho seems to be predicted by a discount rate of about 25 percent. In other words, about the years after 2016, he ain't worried! He's a young man in a hurry. But the rest of us are going to be around, and our kids too. The left seems to think it's Nativism. Not so. I would gladly trade most of the current Democratic party for a bunch of new citizens straight from Hong Kong. All of this is so tiresome. It wouldn't be an issue if what we call our fundamental rights weren't up for grabs every time Congress took a vote.--ts

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Rubio, for whom I voted, is a great disappointment. This appears to be the rule. The better they sound, the truer to conservative principles, the less likely to pull the football away from Charlie Brown, the more likely it seems that they will turn out to be triangulating hacks. But maybe I should blame myself rather than Rubio, who is merely doing what politicians do.

Posted by: Jonathan | Apr 30, 2013 5:56:29 AM