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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Dream College Won't Accept Me Because I'm a Woman - Elif Koc - The Atlantic

"The desert has a deep personality; it has a voice. Great leaders in all ages have sought the desert and heard its voice. You can hear it if you listen, but you cannot hear it while in the midst of uproar and strife for material things...You came to prepare for a life of service, with the understanding that superior ability and generous purpose would be expected of you."

This quotation is attributed to L. L. Nunn, the founder of Deep Springs, and it is the first text you'll find when visiting the school's website. Two years ago when I was knee-deep in my Google search of "Deep Springs", these words jumped out at me, enticing me, but never welcoming me. Today, their promise is just as distant.


H/t RH.

More on Deep Springs here. --ts

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