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Monday, December 3, 2012

When They’re Grown, the Real Pain Begins -

When I was 24 years old, I brought my firstborn son, 3-week-old Jacob, to my childhood home on the Eastern End of Long Island to meet his grandparents. When I arrived, an old family friend and neighbor, Cora Stevens, happened to be sitting in my parents’ kitchen. Cora, a mother to five grown children and grandmother to seven, grabbed tiny Jake, put her face right up to his and started speaking loud baby talk to him. Then, as she bounced him on her knee, she turned to me and said, “When they’re little they sit on your lap; when they’re big they sit on your heart.”


Good to know there's something to look forward to. --TS

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I hope you're not one of the 70% of breeders like those who told Ann Landers that they regretted the whole episode.

Posted by: Jimbino | Dec 3, 2012 8:15:41 PM

"breeders". Nice little hate you've got there. Bigot.

Posted by: Andrew | Dec 4, 2012 12:59:59 AM

Yo Andrew,

I'll stop ragging on the breeders when they stop claiming my tax money for mis-educating their brood for 13 years at a cost of $150,000. That and when the breeding stops that is causing pollution, global warming, species devastation and pentelinho crowding in the aisles of Walmart.

Posted by: Jimbino | Dec 4, 2012 7:54:28 AM