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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Unexamined Life May Be Your Own - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Men's ways of being infantile vary," she begins a passage on male peers. "Some are flirtatious and silly in a relatively harmless way. Some fear old age dreadfully, and believe that continual exercises in seduction will produce something like erotic immortality. Some long to tell you in no uncertain terms that you are a whore, because it makes them feel power. Some hate themselves and have contempt for any woman who is nice to them. Some -- and these are the worst, I think -- are satanic, by which I mean that they have an emptiness at their core that they fill with exercises in domination, which they market with a frequently dazzling charm."


Nussbaum's definition of "satanic" is astute. Maybe I should try reading a book by her. I suppose one should not let one's distaste for feminism make one forget the utter piggishness that was so common toward graduate students, and probably especially female graduate students, by professors at least up until the 1970s and for all I know, beyond. But now, I think you'd have to say the university and graduate programs have become pretty female friendly, or whatever the acceptable term would be. --ts

Eh. Just checked out some Nussbaum books on Amazon. Not my cuppa, I discern.

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