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Friday, December 21, 2012

Postscript: Robert Bork, 1927-2012 : The New Yorker

Robert Bork, who died Wednesday, was an unrepentant reactionary who was on the wrong side of every major legal controversy of the twentieth century. The fifty-eight senators who voted against Bork for confirmation to the Supreme Court in 1987 honored themselves, and the Constitution. In the subsequent quarter-century, Bork devoted himself to proving that his critics were right about him all along.


What a no-class turd this Toobin fellow is. Sorry to use such a vulgarity, but sometimes it's the only thing that suffices. He cannot let the reputation of the man rest even in the grave; he must use the occasion of Bork's passing as another opportunity puff himself and his fellow character assassins up for the hatchet job they did back in the day. See Toobin's summary of Bork on antitrust law to get a quick feel for his wide ranging ignorance and simplicity. That's what passes for legal analysis at the New Yorker, I guess. The New Yorker was just like this during Bork's hearing themselves: smug and stupid. A lot of liberals realized at the time and more did later that what was done to Bork was disgraceful. He could have been opposed on principled grounds without descending into the mire, led by people like Toobin. He should be ashamed of himself and if he's not, other people should be ashamed of him for him.--ts

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