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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jonathan Chait: Why Yes, Liberals Do Competely Control The Media, And They Use It, Very Successfully, To Advance Their Political Agenda

I wrote about this a while ago, before the election, and somehow I wound up on an old post discussing it again.


Ace has a long and wandering post on the left's domination of Culture. I've yet to encounter a convincing explanation of the left's domination of culture (media and education). The usual "it's because we're so smart" is the sort of explanation that should satisfy only stupid people, and seems inconsistent with the banal idiocy of so much of the content itself. I don't have an explanation on offer today. Just some observations -- entertainment, e.g. the theater, carnivals, market days etc., have been associated with dangerously loose morals for a very long time. In my experience, every narrow-minded, provincial, un-liberated, stodgy and embarrassingly parental and retrograde prejudice you have heard of along these lines, turns out to quite true. So maybe the entertainment industrial complex is just what you get when you take that old, old DNA and cultivate it with globalization and technology. How to fight this particular power, I'm not sure. It does seem odd that it should have become so influential. Probably it can only be ressited one home at a time. As to education, also rather baffling. One can at least hope that the limits are being approached to the business model of getting parents to borrow money to pay 50 grand a year to teach their darlings that America sucks. (Please do assume my views are ever so much more nuanced than that -- just trying to keep things brief.) Overall, I think we are experiencing some version of what the republican thinkers, from the Romans to Montesquieu to the Federalists and beyond, thought of as the decay to which regimes are susceptible. Maybe more commerce would flush out the system. Or maybe Fortuna is just done with us, that bitch. It's hard to say. --ts

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