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Friday, December 21, 2012

It’s all About Trust | RedState

This all gets back to the issue of trust, not the issue of compromise.  Most of us would be willing to compromise on some level if we knew there would be some point at which Boehner would hold the line and fight for his own position.  Instead, we saw him regress from no revenues to yes revenues, albeit through capping deductions; then form no marginal rate increases to yes marginal rate increases, albeit for over $1 million in income and no debt ceiling increase.  With Obama remaining firm against this plan, and Boehner giving away the kitchen sink at a rapid pace, why should rank-and-file members have trusted him that he wouldn’t pocket their huge concession on the tax issue for a worse deal?


Some very unhappy campers in the House GOP caucus. Can't really blame them. --ts

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