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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doctors Who Work for Hospitals Face a New Bottom Line -

For decades, doctors in picturesque Boise, Idaho, were part of a tight-knit community, freely referring patients to the specialists or hospitals of their choice and exchanging information about the latest medical treatments.


My home town! St. Al's is the Catholic hospital, so I had more to do with it growing up. As a boy scout, I took part in the dedication of its new building. My uncle and my cousin, both surgeons, had offices next to it. I worked as a groundskeeper there. It was there that I learned my dream of becoming a psychiatrist was wrong headed, as I really didn't like dealing with the mentally ill people inside that wing, the grass of which I mowed. Crazy people and lawnmowers just don't go together, I guess. But I did learn I really disliked hard outdoor work on 100 degree days. So many memories. On the upside, Boise's medical community has become a lot more sophisticated in the last 20 years and standards of care have probably increased dramatically. --TS

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That’s more calories than some people eat at breakfast.

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