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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Did the House Republicans stump the White House?

For now, however, the House has its offer on the table and is not about to bid against itself. On the House side, two senior GOP aides were dismayed. Asked if the president would counteroffer or just demagogue, one said simply, “Demagogue.” Other GOP advisers close to senior leadership don’t think a White House offer will be coming anytime soon.

The level of cynicism from the White House is quite stunning. The president has done nothing but repeat his 2012 budget plan, one that got zero votes in Congress. Beyond that, he has no interest in governing? Gosh, all those well-meaning Dems and mainstream columnists who said he really did get it now, really understood it would take negotiations to reach a fiscally responsible deal will be awfully disappointed.

Republicans aren’t surprised in the least. On a scale of zero to ten (ten being certainty that we will go over the cliff), I’d put us at about 8.


Yup. I gotta say, I agree with Jennifer on this almost. I put it at about 70 percent that we go over the cliff. Of course, it's not so much a cliff as a very steep slope that is called a cliff because it might as well be one. On the other side, we need to credit House GOP leadership with some major ankle-grabbing prowess. (Rather vulgar, I know. Sorry. Seems apt however.) How bad will the politics get, post cliff? I think there's a potential for pretty bad. --TS

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Remind me who demanded the deal we now call the "cliff"? And who voted for it? was the House GOP. So, yes, it's awful irresponsible of Obama to hold them to it, just as it's insanely unreasonable for him to propose as an opening bid the tax policy he ran on (and won).

Fact is, the GOP is sufficiently in the Thrall of Grover that it will not vote to lower taxes on the 98% of us until after Jan. 1, so that they can claim to have remained faithful to their tax purity pledge. So almost all of what's happening now in the House is posturing.

Note also that the House GOP has yet to provide any details about either their revenue sources or their spending cuts. Writing down some numbers in a paragraph isn't a plan.

But then 49% of the GOP thinks long-defunct ACORN stole the election for Obama, so why expect any sense in that quarter?

Posted by: keynesian | Dec 4, 2012 4:47:44 PM