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Friday, November 9, 2012

Don’t Go Wobbly, GOP - Larry Kudlow - National Review Online

n the fierce headline debate over the so-called fiscal cliff, our newly reelected president argues that “a majority of Americans agree with [his] approach.” That approach, according to the president, is “to combine spending cuts with revenue — and that means asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more in taxes.”

Well, that’s not exactly what the exit polls said.

To the question “Should taxes be raised to help cut the budget deficit?” only 33 percent answered “yes” while 63 percent responded “no.” Isn’t that interesting? But nobody’s talking about this exit-poll nugget.  


There is a paper to be written on something like "Voter stupidity in Montesquieu and Madison." Probably more Montesquieu as Madison had a constitution to sell. The basic thrust was something like, yes, voters can be very stupid, but they only have to be smart enough to choose smart representatives, not be that smart themselves. Even so, they may have overestimated future citizens of the republic, or, one could be forgiven for thinking so. On this, see the previous video posted of Professor Carlin. --TS

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I saw somewhere yesterday the prediction that marginal tax rates will be increased but that loopholes will not be closed, resulting in no higher taxes for the super rich, but higher taxes for the better paid part of the middle classes. I'm sure you'll keep us apprised of the success of this prediction.

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