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Thursday, November 15, 2012

At Republican Confab, Romney Gets the Blame -

LAS VEGAS -- Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney failed to offer a vision that connected with everyday Americans, failed to respond to an early and ultimately successful attempt to define him as an out-of-touch corporate raider, and failed to portray his party as anything other than the party for rich white males -- at least according to some of the prominent Republicans who served as his top surrogates just a few weeks ago.

Romney's campaign came in for a series of tongue-lashings at a meeting of the Republican Governors Association, where two dozen state chief executives hobnobbed with big-dollar donors and swapped notes on what they called a disappointing election cycle. And as several among their ranks privately ponder their own potential presidential campaigns four years down the line, they said there are lessons to be learned from this year's GOP shortcomings.


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