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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Volokh Conspiracy » Asian-Americans, Affirmative Action, and Fisher v. Texas

The impact of Texas’ affirmative action policy on Asian-American applicants raises serious questions about what the purpose of affirmative action actually is. As I have pointed out previously, if the goal is compensatory justice for groups that have been victimized by government discrimination, Asian-Americans have a strong case for being included in the program, and certainly should not be victimized by it. If, as the University of Texas argues, the purpose is ensuring that each group has a “critical mass” large enough to promote educationally beneficial “diversity,” then it is hard to understand why the Texas policy extends affirmative preferences to Hispanics, but not Asians, even though the former have a much larger absolute presence at the school


Yeah, affirmative action tends to be grotesquely unfair to Asians and it's not great for the white kids either. I think there ought at least to be a policy that if you go to school with your own driver/bodyguard, you don't get affirmative action. That's a pet peeve in my little world. --TS

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Yeah, and you have no memory of the time when Jews, whether they could afford limousines and guards or not, were subject to quotas at Harvard and worse throughout the world.

And when can we expect to see fair treatment for atheists and freethinkers in this country? There ought to be an AA program for atheist chaplains, atheist congressmen, judges and presidents, as well.

And where are the Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans in our national parks and forests? Yosemite visitors are 80% Asian and 20% White, for example. Do we need an AA program to bus Blacks and Hispanics to our Western parks?

AA in Amerika is just another means of promoting rampant political correctness.

Posted by: Jimbino | Jun 1, 2012 7:37:44 AM

I wonder if I had claimed I was 1/32 Native American when on I was on the meat market whether things might have turned out better. Oh wait, I mean I would only do that because I would want to connect with other Native Americans. No other reasons whatsoever.

Posted by: Steve | Jun 1, 2012 8:44:09 AM


You have to try to begin to realize that AA and other gummint programs bear NO relation to common sense.

I, a blue-eyed, Irish-English American got the one Hispanic scholarship offered to my UT Austin Law School class.

Why? I was born with an educational silver spoon in my mouth and already had an advanced physics degree from the University of Chicago. I was Hispanic by virtue of my mostly accidental birth to American parents in Paraguay.

Gummint rules have no rhyme or reason. That's why we have to eliminate gummint favoritism and Obama "transfer of wealth" in its entirety wherever it rears its ugly head. The Jews, Irish, Italians, Amish, Japanese, Mennonites and Mormons have done just fine, even while ignored if not persecuted, by the gummint.

I wish the the Native Americans, Blacks and Hispanics could experience such joy and liberation. As long as they're coddled by AA and other programs, they will stagnate and suffer.

Posted by: Jimbino | Jun 1, 2012 12:07:14 PM

Jimbino: The whole thing is such a scam I wonder that anyone can defend it anymore. And yet, there they are.

Posted by: Steve | Jun 3, 2012 7:27:55 PM

As I said:

Posted by: Steve | Jun 3, 2012 7:30:41 PM