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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everest Climb Successful, Despite Crowds, Unrelenting Winds

The group that summited Friday included magazine writer Jenkins as well as The North Face athletes Hilaree O'Neill, Kris Erickson, Sam Elias, and Emily Harrington.

Using supplemental oxygen—a near necessity in such thin air—the five climbers reached the top of the mountain via the relatively well-traveled Southeast Ridge route at approximately 8 a.m., local time, Friday.


Read on for the "traffic jam" in which four climbers died on Everest this year. Given that the Himalayas must have hundreds of little or even never climbed peaks at very respectable summits of six or seven thousand plus meters, I do not get the Everest obsession. Sure, if it weren't such a zoo, but I thought the "freedom of the hills" was in large part about getting away from crowds. I've pretty much given up any ambitions I had about climbing there -- too much money, suffering and danger, not to mention discomfort. I do like the idea of some sort of trek, however. I love the mountains, but I don't need to stand on top of them, not that much anyway. NG content-generators should climb on, however, if they are so inclined. --TS

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