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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cool Antarctica
Tom Smith

Cool BBC broadcast on life and art in an Antarctica research station.  The description of the extraordinary diving conditions under the ice shelves I found especially intriguing.  Reportedly some of the best diving conditions in the world -- no currents, exceptionally clear water and widespread giganticism among sea critters.  Very cold but you wear a dry suit and it's no worries.  Another item for Bucket List Prime (Things I will probably never get to do but would love to).  

Years ago at the behest of a student I got PADI certified which I'm sure has since lapsed since I haven't been diving in about 10 years.  Maybe I should take it up again.  I do love our aquatic cousins and floating in salt water is much more soothing than dragging yourself uphill. In related news, Discovery's Frozen Planet is truly awesome wildlife film making -- the technology just seems to keep getting better and better.  Even if you think you've seen as many killer whales and penguins as you want to, you might want to check it out.  The vistas of polar and (ant)arctic landscapes are jaw-dropping.  Spectacular elephant seal duels for the guys and numerous adorable baby seals and birds for the women and children.  Mammalian sex and predation is depicted sufficiently discreetly to make it family friendly.

There must be some legal issues associated with Antarctica . . .

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