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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Via Meadia and Berger Too
Maimon Schwarzschild

If you haven't been following Walter Russell Mead's blog, you ought to. It's now one of the best in the blogosphere. Among other things, Mead is thinking and writing in depth about what he usefully calls the failure of the blue model, and what might - and ought to - come next. Mead writes for the American Interest, and there is a lot more in addition to Mead on the AI website (and of course in the magazine). My favourite apart from (or in addition to) Mead? Peter Berger, the incomparable sociologist of religion. Berger is extraordinarily smart, perceptive, and tough minded. I took his course on sociology of religion when I was in college, centuries ago: one of the best teachers I ever had. Berger is still going, and blogging, strong.

Tune in to Mead, and to Peter Berger too.

Footnotes for the pedantic among you (that would be all of us on the Rightcoast, right?):

Via Meadia is of course a play on "via media", Aristotle's ideal of the sensible "middle way". Well, Aristotle's ideal, or the headline for it, translated from Greek to Latin.

In mediaeval Jewish philosophy, Maimonides took over the concept, as he did with a lot of Aristotle, and so there is a Maimonidean phrase for the idea in Hebrew as well: "midah benonit", literally "the middle quality". The Almighty works in sardonic ways, so "midah" would give us "Meadah", just as "media" gives us "Meadia". It all works, you see.

Happy Passover or Holy Week to all! Moadim le-simhah!

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