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Friday, April 27, 2012

Brazilian ex-prostitute plans suit against U.S. Embassy -

A former prostitute plans to sue the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, alleging that members of its security team in December threw her from a van and ran over her, the woman's attorney said.

Romila Aparacida Ferreira showed CNN photos of injuries she claimed she received in the incident.

"These are the tire marks," she said about one photo. "They run down my side and across my abdomen."


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I hope she really sticks it to our hypocritical puritan gummint. Those guys assaulted her, but there wouldn't have been a problem if our gummint had granted them vouchers for bordellos, of which there are thousands (as well as "love motels") throughout Brazil.

Denying them access to sex is like denying them access to food, water and bathrooms and our gummint should pay the price for its continuing violation of human rights here and abroad.

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