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Monday, April 30, 2012

Be paranoid for fun
Tom Smith

It comes to some of us naturally, but it's also fun.

Many sites will allow you to use a long passphrase which is more secure and easier to remember than a long password.  A passphrase is a random series of short words such as "pass empty cow stars come hither" -- that one is lamentably non-random, however.  You generate a random passphrase by rolling dice and then looking up words according to the numbers rolled, as explained here.

The guy who put together this site is truly paranoid and insists you get physical dice to generate the random numbers. He admits getting casino grade dice is overkill  -- but you can't be too careful! I think an online true random number generator is OK.  Just because people are trying to spy on you doesn't mean you should act crazy.  For one thing, somebody might notice and report you.

If you're looking for other ways to waste time and be paranoid, I suggest you encrypt to military grade all the (not really) blank space on your hard drive.  

Meanwhile, your spouse might be spying on you.

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