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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone and the Evolving Mainstream
Maimon Schwarzschild

Oliver Stone is anti-Zionist perhaps.  But remember, anti-Zionism isn't the same thing as anti-semitism.

How will Stone's latest thoughts be received by his many admirers among the "progressive" rank and file?

Will there be any OPM (One-Party Media) interest?  Or nothing to see here folks?

One thing we can say, in an era of hope and change: the mainstream is evolving.

(Full disclosure: I don't pay to subscribe to the Sunday Times, which has a "paywall".  So I can't confirm from the Times' website that there is an interview with Oliver Stone; or that it is accurately quoted in the link above.  The interview is already cited fairly widely online.  Still, that doesn't guarantee conclusively that the interview actually appears as quoted.

But if the quotes are accurate, or essentially so, forgive me but I shan't be very interested in hearing about the "context".)

UPDATE: Ron Radosh quotes the Stone interview, consistently with the link above.  Radosh is reliable.  The interview is as reported.

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Maimon Schwarzschild


There's a great way to start the morning: an account of an unshot Comsymp holding forth on how the Nazis and Commies themselves were misunderstood, and then going on to blame it all on the "Jews."

Whether a fugitive from justice like Stone was "anti-Semitic" or merely anti-American shouldn't matter all that much. This way of thinking mirrors the leftist tack of attacking a proposal, not on its merits, but on the basis on who supports it. I submit that it is we who use Israel, and not the other way around. Thus being either anti-zionist or anti-Semitic is objectively anti-American, and deserves our scorn, either way.

We play the Great Game of Geopolitics as it has always been played, and we are playing it very well right now by our special relationship with Israel. Surely

Posted by: Lou Gots | Jul 26, 2010 12:47:37 AM

Whether he believes it or it's for publicity or both, it's clear he doesn't think he'll pay a high price for saying it.

Posted by: Jonathan | Jul 26, 2010 4:52:54 AM

Rochefoucauld noted that our defects of character, like defects of the face, grow larger as we grow older. Ollie, we hardly knew ye.

Posted by: james wilson | Jul 28, 2010 8:12:31 AM

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