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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
Mike Rappaport

Apparently, it is estimated to cost $2 million.  Quite a fee for a couple who have spent virtually their entire lives in public service.  Well, whatever. 

About the rehearsal dinner:

[It] is reportedly taking place at the nearby Grasmere, a 525-acre estate boasting a Federal-period manor house with formal gardens, stucco guest cottages and a large stone barn complex.

About 20 years ago, I was at a wedding at the estate.  Back then, it was owned by 6 couples who I believe had bought it for a steal in the 60s.  They didn't spend much on it, but kept it as a kind of hobby.  Eventually, they sold it, I believe in the 90s.  Now, I am sure it has been fixed up.

What I remember about the place was the "natural air conditioning."  The wedding was on a very hot day (in June, if memory serves).  It was held outside and everyone was sweating profusely.  After several hours, I walked into the manor house and was granted instant relief.  I was amazed that the large house was air conditioned. 

But it turned out that it wasn't.  I guess there is a way to build your house, with the right placement of windows and trees, and who knows what, so that it stays naturally cool.  Amazing.  Really, quite amazing.

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Mike Rappaport


What's the difference between a wedding gift and a campaign contribution?

Posted by: Jonathan | Jul 30, 2010 12:34:38 AM

"I guess there is a way to build your that it stays naturally cool." Well, look at much Moorish architecture. Which was presumably originally Byzantine or Persian architecture, which was presumably....

Posted by: dearieme | Jul 30, 2010 2:38:37 AM

I suspect that after several hours in the sun at 95 degrees, 80 degrees indoors in the shade would feel pretty good. :)

Posted by: Richard Clark | Jul 30, 2010 11:01:17 AM

80 would feel good, but I remember it feeling 70 or 75 at most.

Posted by: Michael Rappaport | Jul 30, 2010 2:39:15 PM

Why do we ordinary citizens have to put up with "no fly" zones for the sake of weddings of other ordinary citizens? Or for anybody's weddings, for that matter.

Posted by: Jimbino | Jul 30, 2010 5:51:38 PM

Why do we ordinary citizens have to put up with "no fly" zones for the sake of weddings of other ordinary citizens? Or for anybody's weddings, for that matter.

Rhetorial question, Jimbino.

Just remember, as Orwell stated in Animal Farm: All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.

Posted by: Ron Reasoner | Jul 31, 2010 4:58:26 AM

So if a Republican spends $2 million on a wedding, they are part of the evil rich. If Democrats, who pretty much have made their living feeding at the public trough, spend $2 million on a wedding, we say "Ahh, isn't that sweet!".

Enjoy the pictures, folks, they're visible evidence of your tax dollars at work.

Posted by: Bantryb | Jul 31, 2010 6:41:48 AM

Aren't these the same clintons who are begging money to pay off hillary's campaign debts? Same, it seems, as their other escapades; things are never really wrong if the clintons do them. (Yes, I do know about the caps key.) Oh, on the marriage pool? I have $3 on the couple not making it for more than 4 years unless,of course, the new hubby goes into politics.

Posted by: Dave1310 | Jul 31, 2010 7:01:54 AM


ABOUT THE CLINTONS. Poor boy, raised in near poverty, but managed to get to college, (on someone elses dime) travel to the Soviet Union, never owned any real estate, total life in public "service" living in rentals or govt. housing, top $$$ of 35,000 annual.
Just a true american story, sorta like we got today. One has to wonder how them democrats are able to do this over and over,,,,,,,,,,,one has to wonder also when are the citizens and especially the voters going to recognize the fraud, and deceit. (american and america in small intentionally)

Posted by: desertman | Jul 31, 2010 7:11:30 AM

Oh, c'mon! Hillary was a highly successful divorce lawyer in Arkansas. Stop with the community organizer stuff. Let the girl get married for cryin' out loud.

Posted by: Patricia Babb | Jul 31, 2010 7:44:46 AM