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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Web cam on the Harris Fire
Tom Smith

I'm not in full fire freak-out mode, but I am definitely nervous.  I found this webcam on top of Lyons Peak not far from me.  If you look south, you can see the fire.  If you look west, you can see McGinty Mountain.  I live right at the base of it and hike up it frequently.

County fire officials and Commissioner Jacobs are talking up how dangerous this fire is.  Ironically, it is almost 4 years to the day after the catastrophic Cedar Fire.  Perhaps they do this to get people's attention, or so they cannot be accused afterwards for not warning people adequately.  But if they want my attention, they have certainly got it.

Of course now I am repenting all the fire preparation I skipped, but I'm very glad I have my own fire pump.  I have a swimming pool and can wet everything down pretty well.  However, I also have a lot of pine trees close to my house that are probably just fire explosions waiting to happen.  Fortunately for me, the fire seems to be heading not quite my way.  We'll see.  It may be a long night.

THIS is reassuring, and a real service by a blogger.  If the fire is about where he guesses it is, it is still a ways from Jamul.  The wind seems to me to be coming from pretty much due east, which would send the fire into relatively unpopulated areas, at least for a while.  The wind could shift at any time, however.

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Tom Smith


All the best to those being affected. Check out some California fire pictures:

Posted by: The1Opinion | Oct 22, 2007 7:55:31 AM