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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who's reading your blog?
Tom Smith

Check out quantcast, extremely cool site analyzing visit and other data for many web sites, including blogs.  For example, who reads Instapundit?  Old white guys! Relative to the rest of the Web anyway.  That's fine, I am one, or rather, both Instapundit reader and OWG.  Volokh?  Not quite as old or white, but oldish.  And so on.  The blogo- demographico- ecosphere laid out for your inspection.  Sometimes I think my fascination with these sorts of quantifications borders on the autistic (unfortunately without the savant feature), but I at least find this site addicting.

SO Pat Buchanan's site is much more lower income than the average for the Web, which makes sense, but also much more Asian.  Asian?  What is that about?

AND Leiter Reports, Brian Leiter's group blog, is less white, more highly educated, less highly compensated than say the Volokh end of the blogosphere.  All those underpaid philosophers bringing down the average I guess.

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Tom Smith


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